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    Who are some of your favorite girls with short careers?

    According to this looks like there are still few more movies for you to add in your collection. (Also, just saw that she did some uncensored works as well. Both sure look nice! :nosebleed:)
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    [POR-007] 女子校生凌辱日記 HAPPY FISH 09

    Thx kokobubu and jonah_roach for reuploading the links. Cheers mate! :please::notagain::grassdance:
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    [BTMS-0705] - Cock sucking slut Kitazawa Kurusu gets her cunt pounded.

    Well, I tried download the first part and the files turns out to be name as "BTMS-0705-prf.part_" Tried googling ways to combine it, but still stuck don't know how to continue with .part file. Would u mind suggest me the way please. Please, please? :please: Your kindness will be very much...
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    [RG] [Graphis] Eririka Katagiri 片桐えりりか 『 eririka's day 』 MOVIE 01 [299.45MB]

    The links in all eririka's day movies (1,2,3) seems to be broken. Would you be kind enough to re-upload for us plzz. :nosebleed::please: Many thx in adv here bro. :gayprance::grassdance: