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    [TSDV-41584] 岸明日香 Kissing (2013.11.22)

    yes, we need ISO. recently, nobody apload ISO file of idol IV. i don't know why. truhei and akiva, I want them come back.
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    [LCDV-40580] 西田麻衣 まいぷるる (2013.05.20)

    oh, I don't want to say thanks because you don't upload ISO,,,
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    [2013-4-27] 鷹羽澪 ふぃぎゅあfigure [SYD747]

    i hate mp4,,,not so good encode.
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    [2013-1-25] 桐山瑠衣 みんなだぁいすき[TSDV-41494]

    please upload ISO. taruhei always upload iso.
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    [FS] Young Animal No.1 2012 DVD MP4

    deleted hello, file has been deleted,,, please reupload. thankd
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    [XAM-034] 永作あいり(Airi Nagasaku) - エロチカ [MKV/ISO]

    hello, megaupload link was invalid,,, please reupload if you can. thanks
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    [TSDV-41266] [AVI/ISO] 平塚奈菜 - No.7 / Nana Hiratsuka - No.7

    where is ISO file? could you give me hint of place. thanks
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    [MMR-056] Mix School Girl Sashia

    we waited for a long time for HF,,,
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    [VNPD-094] [IV] 爆乳サンライズ 旭ひかり [Hikari Asahi]

    oh, all of part was deleted,,, please reupload.