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    What do you think about the renewed product page?

    I think overall it's a good change and I haven't had any major issues with it. It lines up with the new library. It allows you to follow things more easily especially the actresses. I think like @Inertia said, one potential improvement is on the image gallery. The old website design you clicked...
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    Just want to say I like the new video layout overall. One huge bonus to this new layout is the actress if credited gets listed below and is a one click follow as the screenshot below shows.
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    who have a smallest dick in this business

    This one from Caribbeancom with Arisa Kanno? I put it in spoilers because it's a large gif. Hopefully for that guy he had a bit of stage fright or he's a grower.
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    Name of this woman?

    A followup to the identification of this video: I noticed this woman at the end and I swear I've seen her in other JAVs before. I don't think she does sex acts, right? She's just one of those non-porn actors/actresses in porn? Just...
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    Reverse Surprise Sex

    The surprise sex genre is predominantly a case where the male actors surprise the JAV actress with immediate sex. And S1 No1 Style was no exception with their 'Insta Fuck' series with one exception in Kokomi Sakura: I'm also aware of this series by DAS from 5+ years ago: So does...
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    Where to buy Maxing Studio videos?

    Damn, have they just pulled off streaming entirely? They don't have anyone I care about anymore but losing huge portions of Kana Yume's library and other older big names kind of sucks.
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    JAV Gossips

    Damn. They're pulling from Fanza too. I guess they want to go exclusive on their own website - MGStage? At first I was thinking this was not too big a deal for me because Airi Suzumura is really the only big name I would care about but looking at their roster they have Suzu Matsuoka as well...
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    ID Help for these Gifs/Pics!

    Thanks. It's part of the always fucking series and unfortunately looks like the only office lady release of that series (taken down from DMM and R18). Damn. I already had all the bikini massage ones because they were so great and relaxing at the same time. Their last release was Oct 2020 so...
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    ID Help for these Gifs/Pics!

    Just wanted to say appreciate the IDs and really hoping someone can find the first GIF in six. I've been scouring the variety/planning sections around 2015-2017 (I think the original posting of the GIF dates back to January 21, 2017 so the video has to be on or before that day). So far no luck...
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    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    I saw the hotspring one yesterday and was about to pull the trigger this morning on it on my own but it was taken down.
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    Yeah I appreciate there's not much you can do about DRM. And censored JAV does have a lot more DRM including for Japanese audiences. I was talking more about porn in general and popular paid Western porn sites. It's usually an all access model where you can download whatever you want with no...
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    If I look around at porn sites most have no DRM. If the sites have any limitations at all it's an "all access" model that allows you to stream all you want with a set number of DRM free downloads per day, week and month (depends on the site). In terms of traditional media like movies...
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    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    She had that classical/elegant/traditional beauty look that really gets me going. That she was a one and done is the disappointment of the year for me in terms of JAV. There were some big retirements, some big names moving to studios who put out works I don't enjoy but there was so much...
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    PDF (Multiple Images) to JPG/PNG/Something

    I ran a couple of searches using "PDF" with "image" and other variations and couldn't find anything when I flipped through the first several pages. Went through a couple of threads as well that seemed promising but mostly just PDF reader software. Anyone got a recommendation for software that...