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    Please post all forum bugs here

    and both have the same code "giveup".
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    Question: Setting a default directory for HJ-Split ?

    Hello. Is it possible to set a default directory for HJ-Split ? I'd like it to always open one level above my downloads, so I won't need to drill my way down every time. a) I don't see an preferences option in the application. b) I've tried adding the path to the Short-cut Icon's...
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    Oh, I see. I was wondering why her tits kept changing size. A little squeeze-bulb under her arm - chuffa, chuffa, chuffa... And release, Ssssssssssssh. I've always found these 'one-word' names a nuisance for searching. Thanks, again.
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    Julia Hitomi, I'm guessing, from the cover. Thank you, 3nuts. :D
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    What's the name of this chick, please ? Where-ever I've come across her pic(s), they've not been named. Thank you.
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    Things that piss you off.

    Setting up the machine to catch some good Sci-Fi. Sitting down to watch it, and the network has put on some shit reality show that's run over-time. Who on earth wants to watch a show about some snotty nose eight year olds baking fucking cookies ?! And if it's a 45 minute show, what's it...
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    what are you watching? (tv shows)

    Mads Mikkelsen is ok. I've watched him heaps on Danish TV. Comparing anyone to Anthony Hopkins seems pretty pointless, really. In case it hasn't been mentioned above, Banshee is worth a look at. Person of Interest, Vegas (60's era), Golden Boy. The BBC's Wallander is rather dark and...
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    Kids Having Fun In The Dunes Ganman Style?

    Well, they do say it's in the eye of the beholder. :puzzled:
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    This website is from which country?

    Why is country so important ? This is planet Earth ! :grassdance:
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    Develop a fanless cooling system for laptops

    Perhaps I missed something but, sucking air in, then pushing it back in the opposite direction, doesn't seem to me to be the most efficient way of circulating air.
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    Heh. You ended up writing the same stuff I decided not to mention. :cheer: If I may, however - The term mechanised (mechanisation) originates from the 'upgrading' of horse-drawn units to vehicular units. World War I vintage. 'Tanks', as such, were actually developed to overcome the...
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    Fair enough. I do understand the terminology. I just meant that, from an engineering standpoint, I see the exo-skeleton as say, the 'basic' model, and the 'Mech' as the 'all features included' model.
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    I don't actually see much difference between the two. Granted, I'm not a follower of the genre that spawned Battle-Tech, Transformers, et al. But I feel that at the base level of engineering, it's all pretty much one and the same. Hydraulics appear to be the core means for movement, whether...
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    And here I was, just worried about which movie is on what disk... Your talk of a web server has my interest. I'm (at this point only vaguely) toying with the idea of establishing a server to host very small files, including images. Can you point me to some reference points at which I can...
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    They're already in use. I do apologise for not being able to recall the title of that documentary series I mentioned previously. What is being used by the military, and health services, are robotic 'exo-skeletons'. Not as large as Kurata's robot, or Ripley's walking forklift for sure, being...