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    Yup, have seen them all. So for the one I linked is the best I've seen. The badminton sisters were ok, they didn't get it on enough with each other in the vid I saw. But they're in a few other vids, so I'll look for those. Yeah, actually Airi and Meiri was one of the first ones I saw. Actually...
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    I'm surprised nobody has said this one, but seeing two real sisters in a porn together. Especially if they are twins, and especially if they get it one with each other. Found one awesome one with real twins and they 69 each other and cum swap. Awesome. This is the best one I've found...
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    Who on this forum owns actual authentic JAV releases?

    I bought about 6 or 7 DVDs when I used to live in Japan. I always felt a bit weird being the only foreigner there. When I moved back I sold them back to the video store. Got about 2 dollars for each one. Cost me about 20 - 30 to buy new. Lame.
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    White guys on Japanese Girls

    You could always move to Japan. I lived there for 6 years, and dated (and slept with) a ton of Japanese girls. As long as you are a pretty decent looking guy, and not a total nob end, then it's not too hard. I'm not saying that it's as easy as everyone likes to think it is, it's not. But...
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    Who's has biggest breasts/tits/boobs in all av idol

    I too would have to say Hitomi. Recently didn't the gravure idol Fuko (don't remember last name) debut in a AV?
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    The Mistakes Which Always Happen in JAV

    I notice that too. But I think it would be hard to find an 18 year old Japanese boy that could "preform." And might not be mature/professional enough to do the job well.