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    Asami Kondou 近藤あさみ

    I think it's a personal decision, as long as she sells she can get away with being modest. Personally I can't really see much difference between this and the stuff she did when she was with imouto. other than her demeanor is being more 'seductive' in this video rather than 'playful'. From BFAA-088
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    Asami Kondou 近藤あさみ

    I feel like barely anything happened in the last 5 years... maybe it's just me.
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    Asami Kondou 近藤あさみ

    What are you basing that on? People often misinterpret Japanese posts about that subject, typically when a Japanese person says 'I went to the hospital' it just means they went to their doctor for an appointment, it doesn't mean they are hospitalized.
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    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    Classic Japanese 101'th lol ---- Btw. hope I won't get too much hate for this but I've watched some of her VR movies and her teeth are really off-putting, you can literally see brown plaque deposits on them, one would think that someone living off their looks would get that fixed (I think a...
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    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    But she did make a comeback, although only a magazine for now. Anyway, for some reason she keeps posting old pictures from when she was a kid in a swimmsuit on instagram - I guess I can't even repost them here with the new rules.
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    How do you store your JAV/Porn Collection?

    No one should use 2.5 inch HDD's these days anyway, pretty much all of them are SMR and not suitable for RAID. HDDs are much less likely to have controller issues than cheap SSD's
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    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    what do you mean?
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    How do you store your JAV/Porn Collection?

    Spinning rust is quite reliable and pretty much the only option if you need a lot of storage, cheap SSD's have quite low endurance and could end up dying pretty fast if you write a lot to the drives, one positive is that when the endurance is used up they can still be read just not written to...
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    Yukari Fujima 藤間ゆかり

    Probably not. At that specific point in time the agencies notoriously lied and gave the girls a younger age than they actually were - if you read the whole thread that is what the fuji-army talk is about, a lot of '15 year old girls' with some variation of Fuji in their name doing very sexual...
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    On the removal of the Jr Idol club

    IMBD is just the Bluray version of an existing movie, it can be from any series from imouto not just the two you mention so it's not really a good comparison.
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    Nozomi Takada 高田のぞみ

    I alreaady posted that in a decensored version a while ago but imgur has now deleted it.
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    Chakuero Thread - Discussion, Reviews and Recommendations

    search for "サムバディ iv"and "スパークビジョン iv" there a lot of different stuff from the early 2010's
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    Rei Kuromiya 黒宮れい

    REIRIE debut-live
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    Miya Manma 真間美也

    yeah you are probably right