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    [AVI/1.74GB] BBAN-023 人妻看護師 監禁アナルレズビアン 高梨あゆみ 朝倉ことみ

    Great job bringing back the classics posted by desir88 and others of that era, which I thought was long gone, even from a retro site like You are the man. I know how much work this is, having done it for a few months myself, so it is always appreciated.
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    Declining quality of the rips

    Thanks. I've been looking for this forever. Much appreciated.
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    [SDDE-450] AIKA - Housewife for 10 guys

    Nice young Aika. Always loved her style and acting. She fills out nicely as she gets older, too. Good one, thanks for posting.
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    [GG-158] Aoyama Aoi - MILF being a model girl photography

    Nice one, had not seen this before. I took a break and I still see you are the man. Nothing changes, except for the names of the mass uploaders of watermarked shit. Good to see you still going strong.
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    [SCD-99] Akiko Kirishima - My friend's nice-assed mother

    Correction: there have been more scd movies, but they are not the same quality as the first 100.
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    [SCD-99] Akiko Kirishima - My friend's nice-assed mother

    SCD series was one of my favorite sites for jukujo movies. This one was, sadly, the last film of this series, a little over 100 made and a lot of them were good, like this one.
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    [ONED-951] In love with mother's milk

    Oned is one of the all time best series, almost a thousand films beginning in 2004.
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    [AKBS-006] True sex desires

    That's Otsuki Hibiki on the front cover, and typically with FA-PRO the action is hot and nasty. The entire AKBS series is hot hot hot.
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    [YUME-004] Mother's sex education

    That's Tachibana Erena on the front cover, one of my favorites from back in the day.
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    [XKK-054] Airu Oshima - Body service to the business partners and banquet

    Great tits back in the day, she retired for a short while and when she returned, her tits were gigantic, as if she enhanced those big tits. It was kind of gross, like Hitomi Tanaka. To each his own, but her pre-retirement films were hot (scop-158 for example).
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    [FAX-375] Erotic venus brides

    fax-375 Mochiduki Kana, Kuroki Sayoko, Kitahara Natsumi, Akikawa Rio, Natsuumi Erika. Needless to say, the action is hot and heavy, as usual with FA PRO, my favorite company.
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    [SPRD-217] Yukari Takei - Stealing sister-in-law's underwear

    Another long gone favorite. Yukari's first AV film was this one. She only made 5 films in a 2 year period. Her two hottest films, imo, is her first and last, vnds-2809, made in October 2010. She retired after that.
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    [WIFE-35] Ran Sugimoto - Housewife's anal wild fuck

    Ouch. After taking that huge cucumber, it's a wonder she can feel a dick. lol
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    [FPJR-049] Oshiro Kaede - Honeymoon vacation couple got drugged and raped

    Interesting storyline, and great action. These are the kinds of stories that made JAV so erotic. All they do today is re-run the same theme over and over with young women who mostly have fake tits, and most of them have that awful Chinese watermarks.
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    [SPRD-202] Erina Kurusu - AV debut

    Another retired favorite, this film's sex is hot. Too bad, it is the second of only three movies she made, all in 2008 in a 3 month period.