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    Cover photoshopping which went wrong

    Just saw this...
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    JavLuv JAV Browser

    I'm scanning my disks and I'll try what TmpGuy says. Same case with me. I consume the regular format where films are between 5-9 (for long movies). Right now I don't feel I need anything with better quality. The problem is that when I'm horny I have in mind downloading few movies... but then I...
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    JavLuv JAV Browser

    Sorry I didn't explain myself. I didn't mean Windows or JavLuv don't read those disks. What I mean is that I cannot connect those disks because I don't have available sata ports.
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    JavLuv JAV Browser

    I don't know if it's already asked or featured in the program since I reinstalled Windows few days ago and I didn't installed it yet again. But is there a way to sort the videos in Hard Drives? I have like 7 hard drives full of JAV, but there's always 3 disks I can't use. And sometimes is kinda...
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    Series about "passionate" sex

    The first page is usually filled with kinks and themes. Matures, incest, creampie, rape, cum on food... But what about when a video is just about two (or more) people having a great time? It could be mutual, or about the woman pleasuring the man, or about the guy pleasuring her... Probably my...
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    Rough/Constant Irrumatio Tribute (and sharing) Thread

    Me, and I'd say it's pretty common in series like MISM. They record like 3 scenes for actress, and the first one is usually about gaggin the girl with the fingers and toys.
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    Mom and Daughter Get Fucked in Front of Each Other!

    Yeah, the last DASD and first DASS torrents were uploaded the same day.
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    Mom and Daughter Get Fucked in Front of Each Other!

    I ask it here because it's too stupid to open a new thread. What's the continuation of DASD? Seems they reached the 999 last spring and they stopped with the series, but I imagine they started a new one.
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    Mom and Daughter Get Fucked in Front of Each Other!

    DASD-875 is really good, with 2 actresses I really like.
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    Series with REAL creampies?

    If you don't mind, I continue the debate here. I'd say it's a mix of things. And to be honest, I don't think at all it's a "purity" or "image" thing. At the end the creampie seems to be the most favourite ending to fans. I don't think it's a purity thing because any actress will perform in a...
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    Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

    This is a really interesting topic, but we should move it to another thread. for example:
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    Girls have a meltdown, because it's too rough

    When you talked about that DVDPS video I downloaded some other movies because I saw they were pretty rough and the abuse wasn't faked at all. For example DVDPS-987 is about drugging girls and gangbanging them. You can see how in 2 hours of footage the girls "act" dead in every minute. I've only...
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    Girls have a meltdown, because it's too rough

    Are you sure this is the one? I don't see any tattooed yakuza and they don't piss over the girl. Seems like there are a lot of DVDPS videos with the same theme.
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    Downloading from streaming sites

    Didn't know it and it worked, thanks!
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    Girls have a meltdown, because it's too rough

    Any free method to get the movie? edit: ok, just saw a "free" link in this forum. I'll know in 7 hours...