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  1. hatsupaw

    The least favorite genre

    Semen on food, or collected in receptacles to be drunk later. Gals/Gyaru/Black gals/KoGals - whatever you like to call them. Lesbians with sex toys.
  2. hatsupaw

    [HD] GTJ-036 TJ的プライベート調教 奴隷志願 篠宮ゆり

    有難うございます。 Thank you very much.
  3. hatsupaw

    [HD] DJE-061 なつめ愛莉、100発の精子飲む。 なつめ愛莉

    どうもありがとうございました Thank you
  4. hatsupaw

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    @lordsuperjesus Perhaps I did jump the gun a little; I appreciate you explaining your position a little more. It bothers me a little when folks seem to just want more of the same when there's so many great idols out there (including ones we don't even know about yet). I shouldn't bother me -...
  5. hatsupaw

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    She is NOT. She wants to be, sure (she even went for the single name). And I've got nothing against Nagomi. There is no new Tsubomi. There's no new [insert your favourite idol]. There are new faces popping up all the time, and I dig it.
  6. hatsupaw


    That's news to me if she has... I don't think so.
  7. hatsupaw

    True <insert body part> Fans in JAV? Really "True"

    I feel used and dirty... and the dirt's not coming off..
  8. hatsupaw

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    I can't do direct downloads, but the torrents of these movies showed up a short time after, and I doubt that's a coincidence - so many thanks Casshern. Ooh, I see what you mean. Yeah, IV style stuff can ironically be more revealing than AV. I wish there was more than just 20-30 minutes of that...
  9. hatsupaw

    True <insert body part> Fans in JAV? Really "True"

    Yes, you got me! And there's me constantly complaining that people use the word "absolutely" too much... And sure, I like what I see; tits are very friendly and inviting. Hell, I'm proud to be a mammal (if you hadn't noticed) and we're named after these amazing things.
  10. hatsupaw

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    I'm not that into lesbian or anal, but seeing these two together is too good to pass up. Delightful.
  11. hatsupaw

    True <insert body part> Fans in JAV? Really "True"

    Absolutely not. And I think I understand what you're saying. For example, while generally prefering smaller tits to bigger, I really like Shion Utsunomiya/Rion, and fact that her tits are that big is neither a problem nor a main attraction for me. The only dealbreaker is the face. I cannot...
  12. hatsupaw

    DDB-233 言葉責め少女 篠宮ゆり

    Thank you, sir.
  13. hatsupaw

    Irrumatio (Deepthroat/Face Fuck) Rating Site

    I've not thought about irrumatio in a while, so bear with me. I agree that good scenes can be few and far between. If you don't like gero, that narrows it further. Me, I quite like it, but often it becomes the whole point of the scene, and then the action becomes too mechanical. Another problem...