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    [Weekly Shonen Champion] 週刊少年チャンピオン 2018 No.51 Yuka Ogura 小倉優香 2018-11-15

    Actual release date: 2018-11-15
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    [] 2014-03-20 Hiyori Izumi 和泉ひより - Special Gallery MOVIE 4.2

    Is that watermark visible on preview? Couldn't spot it.
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    [][2014-2-6] Misaki Watabe Limited Gallery Movie 1.4

    Err the OP was right: ignore the article, just check the romanization.
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    [B.L.T. Photobook] Runa Toyoda 豊田ルナ - Your warmth きみのぬくもり。 (2022-02-03)

    Something nuked the preview image... this might be the release, if anyone is looking for an idea of what is there東京ニュース通信社-ebook/dp/B09R8SS28G
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    [WBGC No. 121] 2014-07-01 Mitsuki Hoshina 星名美津紀 1st_week [45p]

    This entire series should be updated to actual romanization ("Mizuki Hoshina"), as otherwise it's not searchable.
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    Please post all forum bugs here

    Am I really so old that even my cookies expire?
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    Please post all forum bugs here

    What is going on? First I was logged out what did not happen in months or even years, then site has started losing settings?
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    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    And the final post for something not as visually attractive, but still potentially invaluable for fans - a questionnaire taken from the competition page. Edit: dunno how my brain irreverently skipped over such a grave detail, but that should have been Seifuku everywhere (while the word is not...
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    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    And the announcement - she is participating in Seifuku Collection'22, a gravure competition for highschoolers by Young Jump (Sawamura Risa is taking part in another such competition by this magazine, only concerning older girls). Magazine issue with all participants...
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    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    Stubbing thread for a notice... Imaizumi Mao (今泉まお) DOB: 2006-03-01 U-15 profile page: Her old blog thread, got cut when she turned 13 (but why!?)
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    [Young Magazine 2022 No.19] Marupi まるぴ Himeka Yamamoto 山本姫香

    I guess that this might be 2022-04-11, as No.18 was already released on that day.
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    [YK Photo Album] Umi Shinonome 東雲うみ - I'm in love with Umi's eyes うみの瞳に恋してる (2022-01-24)

    Links? How are we supposed to opinion on this without knowing WHAT are you talking about? And for that matter this thread would have been better:
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    [] 2022-02-10 Eyu Hirayama 平山えゆ Regular Gallery 03 [38P24.3 Mb]

    That's... nice for a beginner. Just checking.