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  • Eric, now it's me will be "built" just for bragging.That's what I've devoted my entire free time here "slaughtered like a pig."
    My dear friend and buddy!
    Today, I'll send you my "M" to download something when it's not what we had so much.But it will not be this, but common materials we like to "look".
    Take care, dear boy!
    Čas 12:17 SEC mi od tebe ještě žádný mail nedošel!
    A ani dnes1.7. to ještě nemám!
    Ahoj příteli a kamaráde!
    Tak jsme s tím nejlepším co tu bylo v "prdeli"!A konstatuji,že stejný osud teď má i ATF.Myslím,že budeš muset na,pokud chceš ještě vidět toddler a loli.
    Hello my dear friend and "lost son" Eric!
    Thanks sophiew here and sophie ATF to know how you can connect otherwise than through PM.Just do not know whether this system is suitable for the "messages" because I think it is public.So write me letters rambler on a common story follows.
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