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    What happen with prestige av studio ?

    Like Darksider said, Nao Wakana and Miri Mizuki are freelance now shooting for multiple studios. They're probably strapped for cash and being an independent contractor allows them to shoot multiple movies per month instead of one a month when you're under contract.
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    Where to buy JAV in Tokyo?

    Akihabara...tons of adult dvd stores there like Lammtarra
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    Will JAV take over the US industry in the near future?

    JAV will never gain enough popularity in the states because 1.) mosaic censorship and 2.) (legit) access to JAV videos...with R18 being pretty much the only source and 3.) language barrier
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    [KIDM-588]危険な扉 夏輝(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    I'd pitch in for KIDM-649B. There seems to be a lot of online places that sell it for a fraction of the list price (like this site
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    [KIDM-588]危険な扉 夏輝(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    what's the method of payment? I used to buy Asuka vids off youiv but they changed they method of payment recently.
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    [KIDM-588]危険な扉 夏輝(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    I'd love to pitch in for some of the latest Asuka Oda releases but $38 is a lot if going solo.
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    Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼
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    Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼

    what video editing software do you use?
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    [EXTE-011] Mami Morikawa もりかわまみ - Extension XI

    either wrong title or wrong photo
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    [MP4/1.02GB] OASA-001 Megumi Aisaka 逢坂愛 Back to Back

    most unfortunate that each DVD getting more conservative. Started off with see through and naked Kingdom releases, then progressed to the occasional nipple here and there, now everything covered up.
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    [IV] Imai Mellow (今井メロ) - mellow style (KIDM-438) [AVI]

    Melo Imai Former Olympic Snowboarder (Torino '06). Was a medal hopeful (publicity, fame, sponsorships, etc) but a nasty crash during practice before the event forced her to withdraw. After that she fell into obscurity. Rumors spread that she was working at a health delivery service. Later on...
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    [IV] Shiori Kawana (川奈栞) - Day Dream (KIDM-439) [AVI]

    to promote her upcoming movie Iron Maiden, which also includes her nude debut.
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    Ryo Shihono (しほの涼)

    initial user reviews from Amazon calling the book a dud.
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    Ryo Shihono (しほの涼)

    I have a feeling that it's just going to be a "nude" photobook