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    Only porn DVD in JAV, not sites like bangbros?

    Very good question IdolFun, all your examples are based in US on american servers. Are there any huge adult sites/affiliate programs with servers in JP, run by japanese webmasters and targeted for japanese visitors? It seems a big difference between US/EU vs JP approach to selling porn...
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    Need Streaming Website
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    OpenNap and Utatane FAQ

    Let's share your speed, guys. My current server in Europe with Telia Sonera upstream provider: Upload: 200 KB/s average, 400 KB/s sometimes Download: 200 KB/s average, 50 KB/s sometimes These numbers are with JP guys, with EU/US I get MB/s instantly I am especially interested in the...
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    OpenNap and Utatane FAQ

    12 servers are OK for me now: Endless worked several days after problems with Zerosen I am 24/7 online on OpenNap with terabytes of JAV and have to say the p2p things are getting worse last year it was possible to get much more movies
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    Good Streaming Jav site?
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    About retired JAV idols

    Chihiro Hasegawa for me please
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    Japan Version of X-rated Youtube
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    The Mistakes Which Always Happen in JAV

    What is his name?
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    Share FAQ

    I'm using Share for about a month and I have never seen more than 20 threads in Tasks tab (Share down 20). I have several 100 mbit servers in different data centers on different continents but the total thread maximum is always 20. It confuses me, because all my servers are patched to 10K half...
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    Share FAQ

    Thanks for "It can only convert one file at a time" After investigation I found Avira denied access to one of just downloaded files and Share placed all new downloaded files in a queue with "waiting" status.
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    Share FAQ

    I'm downloading all movies with 紅音ほたる now. Got 65 already, but there are 30 files with status "waiting". I have never seen that problem before. What is Share waiting for? How can I get those files converted successfully?
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    Share FAQ

    Is there any way to download files with the same size only once? I have synonym OFF, but there are lots of files with different hashes/names and same size. The problem is once file is downloaded it seems impossible to filter out new orange files with same size... For example, I want to...