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    (Shocking) Transformation thread

    You guys all shocked me!!! :aghh:
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    anyone know this actress?

    Not exactly at all. FC2 is a platform that a person can sale anything they want. For example, you can make video by yourself and sale them on FC2. So, most of vid that we saw on FC2 is amatuer atress who don't want to enter the AV industry officialy. They are just ordinary people and make some...
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    Amazing bouncing pink nips tits. Help please!

    Fuwari Hino (日乃ふわり)
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    Life in JAV industry

    I have heard that in the JAV industry, the hierarchy between characters is very huge. When I watched an interview with Shimiken and Taku Yoshimura, they said that at least, it took more than 5 years for a male actor to become the main character in the movie with a little luck. As a newcomer...
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    What happened to Yuuri Katsuki?

    Shiet! I've known Yuuri Katsuki for just few hours. And I wondered myself: "What the hell that i missed all those years? She's a gem!". She's a kind of girl that attract me in the very first second, although she's not quite perfect.
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    Name of the 1000GIRI girl

    Thank you guy. I totally agreed with you. I found that her name in some uncensored movies is Yukina Tooyama (遠山雪菜), and there's nothing more. But I still believe that with this kind of face and body, she's more than an amateur.
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    Name of the 1000GIRI girl

    Hi everybody, I've watched this movie today. I had quote interested in the girl in this movie. But I can't find her name. So, if anybody know her, please let me know. I will very appreciate! Here is some informations about this movie: Label: 1000GIRI Full movie...
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    Something about Japornxxx

    I've known this label recently. You can take a look at Japornxxx ( As I know, this studio is especially focus on the interracial sex category, which most of the scenes was between a Japanese girl and a white guy. 80% of their porn actress was JAV idol, included some...
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    Learn Japanese culture from JAV (sex as sin; sex as commerce; bath; lesbian and everything)

    Thanks @ding73ding for a great article about sex in Japanese culture. It made me think deeper in my mind and found many similar thoughts to the article mentioned. Waiting for the next article in this series. I will think more about and come back to this topic later. P/S: I think with such...
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    Everything about FC2

    I found some thread about this topic, but it seems that it can't have enough information, so I create this one. I've know the label FC2 recently and was very curious about them. So I want to know more about FC2. 1. What is FC2 and the kind movie released under FC2? I see that most of it is...
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    Paper or plastic? (she needs cosmetic surgery!)

    What's the problem with Nao Jinguji? I really want to know more about her.
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    Paper or plastic? (she needs cosmetic surgery!)

    I do not object to cosmetic surgery. I also agree that after plastic surgery, every girl is very beautiful. But in my opinion, I have little feeling about these beauties. They are beautiful, but all of the same kind of standard. Sometimes, I don't even remember their faces because I can't...
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    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    @darksider59 ... who is she, buddy? Do you know, it's a sin when you post a cute girl and don't give any information about her! :D And I totally agreed about the case of Ayumi Shinoda & Kurea Hatsumi. I don't know, the feeling when seeing their cover is good... but I can't get through their...
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    Young Yu Shinoda and the Gynecologist series JAV

    Oh, so cute. I never imagined being able to see her like this. So young and cute. Of course, from time to time, she will be attractive in many different ways. I also like Yu Shinoda. So, if you are a fan of her, why won't you open a thread to talk about her? ;) Maybe, you can start in this...