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    Format hard drive and backup

    Sorry about your HDD. There is a utility called SpinRite that works quite well to recover hard drives. Not hard to find, give it a try. Has recovered several for me and my associates.
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    Format hard drive and backup

    Get at least a 4tb external HD. Not that expensive. I have over 2,ooo U-15 movies with plenty room for many many more. One advantage is you can plug the HD into your BR player and watch on the big screen. In the long run it will save you time burning to disc and expense purchasing media.
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    Downloading 3DVR from YouTube (youtube-dl)

    I download youtube vids with JDownloader. Just tried it one day and it worked. Who knew? 1. Open JDownloader 2. Start your youtube vid. 3. Right click and pick copy video url at current time. After a short time it will show up in the linkgrabber tab in the highest res available. 4. Start...
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    Meanwhile In The UK

    If you are interested in watching the episode WillEater talks about here it is. I have to agree with PJB's comment. Episode: The Sex Business S03E01 Me and My Sex Doll 720p HDTV x264-UNDERBELLY EZTV Hash for episode: 65C03F9EC1AAD68BDED5DFDEEE6925651A8B844E
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    FireFox broke my net

    The last update of FireFox has broken many of the sites I visit. Hardly anything works on them any longer. If I use another computer with an older version, no problems. Cannot seem to find an older version to install. Any ideas?
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    fuck VR-JAV

    6. Non-compatible formats, like top-bottom images when I can generally only use L-R. If you use the GearVR you need to set the screen to 360/3d and it works.
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    Another way to go: The Oculas Go (64 GB) is available now for around $250 US. It pairs with both android or apple phones. Download a VR title, set the theater on 180/3D and be amazed at how real the actress is right in front of you. It can only get better.
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    New Board Software, New Server

    Glad you are back. Site looks great. Works for me so far.