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    JAV titles with mouth spreading and tongue out pose?

    i was rummaging through my files of arisa satou, aiyo sayaka, aishiro sayaka, ai mashiro, ai mairoi, and name-combinations thereof, and ran across the small scene above, which i believe is what the original poster was looking for. (it may be a bit late for him, but i think the fetish captures...
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    truck or not truck

    oh yeah, i forgot... is a truck that doesn't look like a truck a truck?
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    truck or not truck

    i’m having some problems with language. if someone knows the answer to any or all of these questions, please help out. is a fire engine a truck? is a big steering wheel a truck? is an empty trailer a truck? is a recreational vehicle a truck? is a big car with the trunk open a truck? is a...
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    Bigger girls violated by smaller man JAV?

    this is not exactly what you are looking for, but if you drop the word "shotacon" in the akiba search engine, you will get lots of titles with full sized girls and short boys. they make the boys short in an attempt to make them seem younger. some get aggressive and dominate. you can put...
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    Identity of Big Cumshot Guy

    ha-ha! random. yes, you stumped ‘em. i mean, you still got the lecture, but their heart wasn’t in it. no teeth. so i think i’ll respond. were this in ‘jav discussion’, not only would you get the lecture, but anyone responding would get his scrotum ripped off, then his balls stomped on, and...
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    I hope that fan appreciation orgy/gangbang JAVs will come back

    after the olympics. everything will be better after the olympics. they will get rid of the mosaic after the olympics.
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    Looking for old video's was posted on akiba-online years ago?

    you may download sddm-068 from the following: i don't know if it's what you're looking for, but at least you will see the incomparable nanami nanase in a pink bunny suit. nothing better. nanami was bukkake's greatest star due...
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    Blood/Virginity prop

    this one comes to mind. not sure if it’s real blood. the guy slips in her without so much as a flinch from either party. a minute later, she looks like lizzie borden after a workout. might be ketchup. but ketchup is good stuff. they say, “if it smells like fish, eat it.” i say, “if it...
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    Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

    sounds like an old high school girlfriend of mine who... well, let's just say, she got around. but soon after graduation, she decided that if she was going to keep doing it, she wanted to get paid. from then on, for anyone who joined the line, it was cash on the barrel head. but if you knew...
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    Old SOD ‘amateur’ videos

    from time to time, i post links for websites that have old jav. (look around. they’d probably have some examples of your heart’s desire… or perhaps the desire of one of your other organs.) the trouble is, after a while, the links get old. one i haven’t posted is the website of akiba citizen...
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    Does the receiver/participants smell the cum during a bukkake session?

    you can make bukkake movies during covid-19. you just need to wear a condom:
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    english graffiti on body of jav star

    from time to time, i see jav scenes in which the naked protagonist is covered with lewd japanese writing, often with arrows pointing to her twat and unsavory pictograms added here and there. all that is fine. but if you don’t know japanese, the prurient dimension is largely lost. i suppose i...
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    JOSHI PURORESU Japanese women's wrestling

    if i were a japanese female professional wrestler, and someone told me that i couldn't have a boyfriend, i'd beat the crap out of him.
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    Have any weird porn fetish?

    bunny girls in diapers. not weird, from my perspective. but most definitely hard to find.
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    SOD's new Tokyo venture An Adult Theme Park

    i hope they open a london branch of “sod land”.