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    Wow. Bye, bye JI.

    is there a link to ur TG on ur profile by any chance?
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    how safe is stuff on pd? - questionable titles (using translate) and also general files arent downloading on there

    hi guys, looking for regular JI content and 18+ gravure, and just cool JP stuff thats shared on PD but assuming most of it is in here anyway, i still translated a few titles , some are kinda like bruh is this legit do people just name it random shit on PD kind of like limewire back int the...
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    Is there a successor to PD?

    do u know any good nodes / encrypted texts to use on perfect dark now? i got it recently. cheers edit: found it on your blog, is there a way to have multiple nodes displaing at once?
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    "[SOLVED]Looking for full jav video

    Hey bruv just wondering if you know a good site to watch deepfake
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    VivaJapan - Video Management Application

    hi im about to try this application is this still the most current one and option for displaying covers and collections in one space? i have a small obsession / interest with sorting things into neat applications (i honestly think its some kind of weird OCD). Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Hello everyone!

    heya guys im rather new, glad to be here with you all ^^ quick question i wanted to add as i didnt know what the most relevant section would be for this. i tried doing a search on the site, any chance anyones uploaded idol posters? preferrably official but if not something just suitable / high...