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SmileSmile :) :-) (:
WinkWink ;)
FrownFrown :(
MadMad :mad: >:( :@
ConfusedConfused :confused:
CoolCool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out TongueStick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big GrinBig Grin :D
Eek!Eek! :eek: :o
Oops!Oops! :oops:
Roll EyesRoll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what?Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
AaaaAaaa :aaaa:
AghhAghh :aghh:
AngetAnget :anget:
ApaApa :apa:
AwasAwas :awas:
BasahBasah :basah:
BekuBeku :beku:
BelajarBelajar :belajar:
BlinkBlink :blink:
BogemBogem :bogem:
BonyokBonyok :bonyok:
BoongBoong :boong:
ByeBye :bye:
CambukCambuk :cambuk:
CentilCentil :centil:
CerutuCerutu :cerutu:
CheersCheers :cheers:
CihuyCihuy :cihuy:
CintaCinta :cinta:
DeadDead :dead:
DemamDemam :demam:
DinginDingin :dingin:
DoaDoa :doa:
DribbleDribble :dribble:
EhemEhem :ehem:
EleganElegan :elegan:
FrownFrown :frown:
FufufuFufufu :fufufu:
GakdengerGakdenger :gakdenger:
GaswatGaswat :gaswat:
GembelGembel :gembel:
GenitGenit :genit:
GigitGigit :gigit:
GlekGlek :glek:
GotdrinkGotdrink :gotdrink:
HahaHaha :haha:
HeheHehe :hehe:
HiHi :hi:
HihiHihi :hihi:
HiksHiks :hiks:
HipnoHipno :hypno:
HmmHmm :hmm:
HotHot :hot:
HulkHulk :hulk:
IiiIii :lii:
JahJah :jah:
JimatJimat :jimat:
JotosJotos :jotos:
KagetKaget :kaget:
KataKata :kata:
KecewaKecewa :kecewa:
KenyangKenyang :kenyang:
KeringatKeringat :keringat:
KsssKsss :ksss:
YellowcardYellowcard :yellowcad:
LalalaLalala :lalala:
LemparLempar :lempar:
LolLol :lol:
LulusLulus :lulus:
MaafMaaf :maaf:
MadesuMadesu :madesu:
MalingMaling :maling:
Malu1Malu1 :malu:
Malu2Malu2 :malu2:
MaluMalu :malu3:
MandiMandi :mandi:
MatabeloMatabelo :metabelo:
MentahMentah :mentah
MentalMental :mental:
MerahMerah :recard:
MimisanMimisan :mimisan:
MintaMinta :minta:
MinumMinum :minum:
MotoorMotoor :motoor:
Muntah1Muntah1 :muntah1:
MuntahMuntah :muntah:
NangissNangiss :nangiss:
NgambekNgambek :gnambek:
NgantukNgantuk :ngantuk:
NgupilNgupil :ngupil:
NikmatNikmat :nikmat:
OiiOii :oii:
OnegaiOnegai :onegai:
OnfireOnfire :onfire:
Onion 07Onion 07 :sad:
Onion 102Onion 102 :hot2:
Onion 10Onion 10 :depr:
Onion 86Onion 86 :windy:
OnsenOnsen :onsen:
PanasPanas :panas:
PeacePeace :peace:
PisoPiso :piso:
PusingPusing :pusing:
QuestioQuestio :qustion:
QuestionQuestion :qustionable:
RobotRobot :robot:
RokokRokok :rokok:
SayangkuSayangku :sangkyu:
SebelSebel :sebel:
Sedih1Sedih1 :sedih1:
SedihSedih :sedih:
SekaratSekarat :sekarat:
SepiSepi :sepi:
Shock1Shock1 :shock1:
ShockShock :shock2:
ShootShoot :shoot:
SightSight :sight:
StressStress :stress:
SulingSuling :suling:
SuramSuram :suram:
SwtSwt :swt:
TakutTakut :takut:
TangkisTangkis :tankis:
TegaTega :tega:
TerharuTerharu :terharu:
TidurTidur :tidur:
TolongTolong :tolong:
TopTop :top:
VoodooVoodoo :vodoo:
WattaWatta :watta:
WinkWink :wink:
XiexieXiexie :Xiexie:
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