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New Profile Posts

  1. gf25
  2. krossamarathon2010
  3. alcatraz78
    alcatraz78 Deltronz
    Hey, I was just wondering what video your profile picture came from if it did come from one, thanks.
  4. lovekamei
    lovekamei thoraxe6668
    who is the girl on your avatar :P?
    1. thoraxe6668
      Risa Sawamura
      Jan 19, 2017 at 8:58 PM
    2. lovekamei
      thanks :)
      Jan 20, 2017 at 3:10 AM
  5. roman
    roman thelolibear
    Happy New Year Mr Lolibear! <3
  6. thoraxe6668
  7. thoraxe6668
  8. vincent_z
    What has happened to the reply box?
  9. kingston111
    kingston111 rayheng0595
    tggp-87 link is down, could you re-upload it?
  10. Rocky123
    Rocky123 rayheng0595
    Hey, Rayheng can you reupload ZDAD-75 and CGBD-08 ? None of the link seem to work anymore.
  11. thelolibear
    thelolibear roman
    Happy New Year roman! you also get your 10 year anniversary on AO this year :D
    1. roman likes this.
    2. roman
      time goes by so fast :D
      Jan 18, 2017 at 10:06 PM
  12. thelolibear
    so this year I get my 10 year anniversary on Akiba-Online! awesome that AO is still arround :)
  13. chroniciousfox
    I occasionally eat pickles.
  14. Hellmen
    Looking into other 3D sandbox posing softwares. May revive 3D Custom Girl again.
  15. uranusb
    uranusb Yipman
    Thanks for DIV-148
  16. jimbob120479
    jimbob120479 stalker9076
    TURA-100 TURA-106 TURA-062 TSP-039 TURA-045 TURA-062 please could you find time to re-upload these dead links please i love this kind of movies
    1. stalker9076
      Sorry, those are mp4 files. I removed all my mp4 collection (which I screen captured them) because I found there were flaws in them. I can only re upload file if they're in wmv extension.
      Jan 11, 2017
    2. jimbob120479
      any extension would be good and much appreciated thanks
      Jan 11, 2017
  17. sadekyan
    sadekyan dearz
    can u help me
  18. gravuregirl
    Where are all the gravure.com sets?
  19. Chivas
    Chivas scrantease
    You are awesome !!!

    Thank you.
  20. Morpheus98
    Morpheus98 Motiman
    Hi Motiman, not sure if I posted questions correctly, but I am really interested in getting the english subtitles for SHKD-638 and contributing to future subtitle projects. How can I get payment to you?