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New Profile Posts

  1. maxik84
    maxik84 IdeNali
    I noticed that you're doing some fetish translation of jav videos, which is not popular activity. I'm trying for years to have few vids that are heavily fetish oriented to be translated (scat, smell fetish) and maybe you will be interested to consider doing a translation for them?
    DDK 010 is one of those videos,whch I'm very curious to understand what actress are saying.
  2. fmp62u3
    fmp62u3 Javworlds
    thanks for upload [BPC-010] .
    i love this type of real upskirt shot of school girls very much.
    video's quality dosen't matter.
    hope you can upload more.
  3. daous7
    daous7 aikonhey
    Thanks for all of your posts!

    Any possibility you could re-up older videos from "[PIC] Miu Asahina (朝日奈美海)"?

    Namely: 63068.wmv, 63069.wmv, 63070.wmv, 63731.wmv, 63732.wmv, 63733.wmv, 63734.wmv, 63736.wmv, 63737.wmv, 63072.wmv

    Thanks again :D
  4. elekid125
    elekid125 rayheng0595
    Hi Rayheng. Thank you for your content over the years. Could you please PM or e-mail me your new base? ptek715@hotmail.com Thanks very much.
  5. cgviewer
    cgviewer zoolanimal
    Hi zool, best regards. Can you post 自虐少女クラブ1 in sanwa series please? Many thanks.
  6. iyufei
    iyufei aikonhey
  7. SpaceNeko
    SpaceNeko aikonhey
  8. Schow
    Schow bodyn
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    2. bodyn
      Jan 13, 2021 at 4:13 AM
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  9. ZeroNow
    ZeroNow MrSound
    Hope I'm not out of line asking - I greatly appreciate what you post here, but I noticed the file missing on '[JMovie 18+] Sundome 2 (2008)' and was wondering if it was still something that could be updated? I've enjoyed the others (especially with Kana Tsugihara, and was hoping to see this one too... thanks man!
  10. verifyid
    verifyid Kappiah98
    Hi I know this is a long shot, but would you be able to re-upload ARMG-170? Thanks!
  11. shogdo
  12. vreegenfrugen
    vreegenfrugen bunniesneakers
    Yo, buns. Get in touch.
  13. Supergiav
    Supergiav Imscully
    hi scully, i am interested on the series, if you can pass me the ones in your possession on the genre, would you do me a favor.

    thank you so much
  14. vreegenfrugen
  15. Mimisan
  16. Mimisan
  17. hotpotato90
    bukkake is not a crime.
  18. Mimisan
    Mimisan aikonhey
    Karen Kaede
  19. Mimisan
  20. jiangbaibai
    jiangbaibai Yipman