vladmodels.ru is finally shut down, probably has been for some time now!!

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Jun 5, 2009
This was a Russian site that featured very beautiful models but due to their notorious WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE ever, finally it consumed them and they had to shut down. I remember ordering from these people and at one point, they even kept my money, they never completed any customs and their sets which weren't even that high quality where highly over-priced.

I ordered a 5 minute video that took 1 year and 2 months to complete. After 3 months, I started asking, --- when, when? They always said to be patient, the model was not present, that they would get it done soon, eventually I forgot about it and one day, they surprised me which by that time I was no longer interested. A second custom ordered and it appears they learned their lesson but their model did not follow any of the instructions provided on the script ... they forgot about my script and instead took matters into their own hands, coming back with cocky attitudes when I asked them why they didn't follow the script when they said they would, that's before I paid them!

I knew that one day their really bad customer service would come and bite them in the ass, I am so glad they are out of the web and to make matters even more interesting, all of the site's sets have been spread across usenet which, is what dwindled their sales and probably lead to their demise, they deserve it anyway; highly over-priced merchandise & bad customer service will get any business shut down, all they wanted was the money and that's all their ever cared about, the customer; they could care less.

-- sorry, I needed to vent, if anyone has any input, feel free to post.


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Oct 4, 2007
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