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[Utatane] I can't download

Discussion in 'P2P Support' started by KamiOh, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. KamiOh

    KamiOh New Member


    took 5 hours online and I can not download
    any suggestions
    I have open ports
    who wronged , i need for download raws anime

  2. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Have you read my OpenNap FAQ? Did you PM him before joining his queue? What did he say in his reply? Is he interested in a trade?
  3. furryballs

    furryballs New Member

    I'm having the same problem. I PM first and nobody ever answers. Only answers I get are auto-reply.

    I've had a download once but the uploader left before it finished. He sent me a message which translated to something like "Thank you for your download request", then we went and did a trade, but next morning I woke up and he was offline with both trades incomplete.

    Is there a setting that isn't allowing downloads unless there's a trade? What about the server error messages, he's probably getting the same ones as me.

    では、まず合計10240 MBのファイルを共有する必要があります。

    Google doesn't do a great job translating, so I dunno exactly what it means. Do I need to have people download 10240MB from me before I can download or do I just have to have 10240MB of files shared. I've got exactly 100GB shared. Please help us!!

  4. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Japanese users on OpenNap are virtually all traders, at least for the first couple of files. It has nothing to do with the software, but rather the way they choose to use it. In order to get people writing back to you, you need to be online just as Japanese people are coming home from work, or when they first sign in mid-day Saturday or Sunday. If there are 2000 plus users on ゼロ戦 (zerosen), that is usually a good sign.

    I don't think ゼロ戦 has any limits on who can use their server, but a lot of the other servers have minimum size and file requirements for your shares. That first server is asking for 10GB's and the second one requires at least 100 files. If you've burned a lot of your videos to disk, you can create text dummies as I mentioned in the FAQ. I don't have 10 GBs of videos, so I usually don't connect to servers like that that are so choosy, but I am sharing over 100 files, including my text dummies. Anyway, the more videos you have labeled in Japanese, the greater your chances of a trade.

    The third error message says that you cannot run a search until you have been connected for at least 360 seconds.