Things that piss you off.

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Araumi No Ohja
Jul 11, 2016
when someone promise something and then (without reason) lie! xP dragon ball Z KAI piss me off a lot too because great intros animation are made, but not "re do" the chapters (like ultimate tenkaichi, have a lot of animated cut scenes with new animation) when internet go off so randomly in middle of a game... (and then when i am back i have a lot of notifications of AFK xD) the summer piss me off a lot, that hot temperature and humidity make my life really bad >_<
if you are reading this, you piss me off too (¿?) (what? xD is just a joke that last one you dont piss me off xD)


Akiba Citizen
Sep 13, 2015
I was totally ready to sell my soul for a (second gen.) Audi TT but that car, like pretty much every coupe, is just so damn small that I couldn't get comfortably once in it. My head was literally touching the top of the car. I hate how they make these sports cars so small... no love for tall guys!



Gorgeous car, isn't it? I hate that I had to pass it up, even though I would have been in debt for 6 years had I bought it. It would have been so worth it!


Active Member
Nov 20, 2008
Music stations doing talk shows in the morning.If I wanted to listen to people talking I would turn it to one of the stations that play NPR,Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Michael Savage. I do like listening to those guys and occasionally NPR. However when its on a music station I expect music and it doesn't seem its just one music station doing this. It seems like most of them are doing, at least most of the ones that get reception in the place I work. So it isn't like I can just change the station as soon as some DJs start yacking for 15 or 20 minutes. I don't go to a burger place and get served Chinese food, nor do I go to a Chinese restaurant and get be served lasagna.So I would expect that if I turn it to a music station that they should be playing music and if they are not playing music then it better be because a commercial is playing.


Active Member
Nov 20, 2008
The post office delivering mail to the wrong address twice in a month. How fucking hard is it for the mail carrier to look at the address on the package and look at the name on the street sign to see that the street address on the shipping label and street sign fucking match? I shouldn't have to ask the post office to hold all my mail so that I can get all my mail. I shouldn't have to pay for extra shit so that the mail carrier actually delivers to the right address. Because their basic job is to read the shipping label and deliver mail to what ever the shipping says its supposed to be delivered to. I know they are delivering to the wrong address because when look at the package tracking site it says delivered when mail doesn't even come to my mailbox until several hours later. And when I go to the post office they show its been delivered to the wrong address. They can't say its been stolen because its an apartment complex mailbox. Meaning the mail carrier has to take a key out, unlock a big mail box, put mail in it according the apartment number and lock it back up.Then the apartment tenants with their mailbox key then go to their apartment number mailbox and unlock it to get their mail out.


Active Member
Nov 20, 2008
Handheld emulators that either have too many fucking buttons or not enough buttons for the video game systems they are capable of emulating. Imagine a handheld game player that can only emulate up to Super Nintendo systems but has two joysticks and or R2 and L2 buttons. Or a handheld game player that can emulate Sega Dream Cast, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Game cube consoles but only has 1 joystick, and no R2 and L2 buttons. If a handheld had more buttons than it needed then those extra buttons can be mapped to the emulator menu or saving the game or something else. But a handheld missing buttons is just ridiculous. No one wants to use button hotkey combinations to use missing buttons or joysticks or to simply do without those buttons on a game.


New Member
Sep 27, 2020
Not staffed toll booths only exact change accepted
They should hire workers or let people pass free.
All legal tender in US shows this message,"This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private."
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Active Member
Nov 20, 2008
Games that require you to download the whole entire game even though you already bought the disk that the game came on. IT wouldn't be so bad if they didn't make you download a 3rd party application to download that game at below full speed or they game was over several gigabytes in size. Whats the fucken point other than aggravating the shit out of me and other customers? Copy protection? Most games if they are popular get cracked within months of going on sale.

Download only games being sold in regular game cases at the store. This is a huge letdown. You buy the came, open a case and its a little round piece paper with a download code on it. If they were going to make it download only then why not sell the activation code on a little plastic card or give the code on a receipt paper that customers who want to buy the phyiscal media aren't tricked into buying a download only game?


Jun 10, 2022
when japanese refuse to speak english piss me off.they even ban google translate to hide their kyoto id card.