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The Most Beautiful JAV Actress for you??

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by javlovers0015, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    The Most Beautiful JAV Actress for you??[PIC INCLUDED]

    The Most Beautiful JAV Actress for you??

    For me : Rola Takizawa is the most beautiful Jav Actress that I've ever since before it was Sora Aoi & Yua Aida.
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  2. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    feel free to share your ideals guys.. :please::please::please:
  3. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

    Saori Hara.. All time the best actress in JAV history..
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  4. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    shes is the one also. thank you for sharing your ideal jav actress..:hi::hi:
  5. voltesv

    voltesv Well-Known Member

    a lot of them are beautiful. sometimes it makes me sad they became pornstars. they look hotter than most people i know
  6. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    yeah me too. sometimes I always think that maybe there are just a normal girl who are not aware how much money they earn.

    money is the reason why they are doing that. some AV GIRLS go to JAV industry to earn alot. thats the worse part.
  7. Metroplex1978

    Metroplex1978 Member

  8. slaaneshe

    slaaneshe New Member

    +1 :beautiful:
  9. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    thank you for those who share their ideal jav actress. =) :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  10. fac_kiu

    fac_kiu Never say hopeless

    Yua Aida
    Kotone Amamiya
    Nagomi Momono
    Asami Ogawa
    Ai Hanedai
  11. javlovers0015

    javlovers0015 I Love Idolovers!!

    yua aida is the best. =)
  12. corean

    corean New Member

    Ai Iijima
    she went from porn star to mainstream tv personality in talk shows and acting.
  13. forbiddenlover

    forbiddenlover New Member

    Rin Sakuragi
    Miku Ohashi
  14. lullaby4love

    lullaby4love Active Member

    sayuki kanno
  15. JavFanatic

    JavFanatic Active Member

    Off the top of my head, no particular order:

  16. hanasaki

    hanasaki Member

    Saori Hara
    Takako Kitahara
  17. nattkrub

    nattkrub New Member

    Yua Aida
    Asami Ogawa
    Kaede Matsushima
    Madoka Ozawa
  18. Zen10101

    Zen10101 Active Member

    My favourite changes from time to time...sometimes I like tanned skin, sometimes big breasts, sometimes mature etc.

    Currently, I'm kinda obsessed with Erika Kirihara:

    She bears a striking resemblance with Taiwanese celebrity Amber An, a real cutie. But her real appeal to me is her incredible skin. I dunno if its the lighting, but her skin in the video is exactly like that on the cover...fair and smooth. With that angelic face and great boobs, she's a solid 9.
  19. bug6fob53

    bug6fob53 New Member

    Anti Okita, Yuka Minase, Alice Hoshi, Tia, Sophia Takigawa, Meisa Hana

    GRAVIMOS New Member

    Mariko ITSUKI