Squeeze Boob Charity again Dec 5-6 2015!


Jan 24, 2011
Since this is not a "new" news as they do it every year, I post this info here.

Dec 5 - 6 in Tokyo JAV actresses once again will hold the charity event for raising awareness of AIDS and STDs.

By letting you squeeze their boob.

You can read the last year's thread for detail of event: https://www.akiba-online.com/threads/squeeze-a-boob-for-charity.1366891/
(Credit to WillEater for alarming us the event.)

Youtube footage :
(WARNING! Not Safe For Work!)

Official HP http://adult.skyperfectv.co.jp/24h_2015/

This year's actresses participating squeeze boob charity:

Suzuna Kana
Asato Izumi
Seina Arisa
Ayami Hinano
Kawami Yuka
Serina Yui
Matsuura Yukina

The names below will appear on Charity TV show but not participate boob charity.
Ayanami Yume
Ayano Nana
Igarashi Shinobu
Kayama Natsuko
Kinami Hina
Kojima Minami
Konno Hikaru
Sakurai Ayu
Suzukawa Ayane
Narimiya Iroha
Hatsumi Saki
Hamasaki Mao
Matsuoka China
Mizumi Saki
Yume Kana

I wonder, how many of them are fairly known to the JAV enthusiasts on AO? I mean the last year's ladies were not that famous by AO's standard...

Anyway, protect your neck kids!


Jan 24, 2011
Allow me to add my experience of this year here.

Just as last year there were many participants, mostly male. As of two hours into the event already 1,200 people participated the event. That's a lot for sure. Some dudes took their girlfriends with them. Lucky guys for having such an open mind girlfriends...

I was lucky as Miori Hara (discography) was hanging around the march booth when I was buying the shirt. I could ask her for autograph and she gladly gave one to me. She was incredibly talkative and charming even though I did not recognize who she was. Now that I know her and has become her fan, it worked pretty well for her :)

It is obvious for you all the JAV lovers but, speaking with her made me realise that they are not just pussy meat or anything. They are normal girls who are passionate about what they do. It is really good to know their personality by meeting them in real life.

Overall, if you have a chance, I highly recommend you give it a shot. Seriously it was worth my time and money for the experience.


Jan 24, 2011
Nice video footage thanks again WillEater.

Beware though, I saw one guy in front of me got caught as he was sneakingly videorecording the scene with his smart phone. He was dragged to the side way and never to be seen again...

I wonder if similar projects are happening in other countries...