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Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by xcrunnr, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. xcrunnr

    xcrunnr New Member

    Are Sho-Boh magazines still being printed? I see Chu-Boh and Koh-Boh on eic-book.com but all the Sho-Boh magazines have been discontinued. I thought I saw somewhere that the only release 4 times year but couldn't find out for sure and couldn't get dates either.

    Also, does anyone have any good magazine recommendations? I am getting Cream, Chu-Boh, and Moecco currently.
  2. Rori Saiko

    Rori Saiko New Member

    No, unfortunately Sho-Boh has been discontinued. The last issue was in August 2014 (Vol. 29).
    Due to the vague child-porn law, publishers have stopped publishing JS (U-12?) junior idol magazines and DVDs/BDs.
    So if you are looking for the new JS magazines or videos that are the "same level or higher" as the ones you find in the 90's or 00's, you won't be able find it anymore.
  3. yowser

    yowser New Member

    Out of the 3 magazines you are currently getting, which one do you think is best?

    I have only seen the current version of Chu-Boh versus a 90's version of Chu-Boh, and I must say that the current version is extremely tame and not exciting!
  4. xcrunnr

    xcrunnr New Member

    Chu-Boh is definitely the best - in my opinion. I feel like Moecco has some girls that aren't too cute. Cream is all older now. I have some older ones with U15 girls. But I think all the models are 18+ now.