School bullying by lesbians in JAV


Apr 23, 2009
Like in title, I'm searching for more movies of this kind, like few IESP, NHDTA and more.
Any suggestions?


Akiba Citizen
Oct 23, 2012
Yeah, thanks, but there isn't a movie strickly with bullying, or maybe I'm not searching too good.
Any more ideas?

there are some from here some there, I don't know spesific tag name for it, you need to search more

I've seen some from Moodyz, Attackers might have some vids too

but if you want pure lesbian acts it would be more difficult, most of the vids are not pure lesbian, there are some guys involved in the acts too


Apr 23, 2009
3 get started, a recent find and probably still up on the torrent forums. HTMS-096 It's a 1080p file so about 5GB. It's a lez themed compilation from FA-Pro but the bit where the 2 countryside lesbian schoolgirls set up and bully another girl begins about 45:40. The two girls set up a wallet for her to steal, then blackmail her into sleeping with not only them but their older creepy male friend all beneath an underpass in a secluded area of their boondocks town. One of the girls even licks her pussy clean after the dude splooges all over it.

Incidentally, if you like big-titted jukujos, there's even an army-themed threesome with Yumi Kazama at the end. Nice bonus if you're a fan.

Thanks for this finding. Can't wait to see what else you have in mind.
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Hello, Maxik84; allow me to refer you to a thread I cooked up long ago... Posts in particular, this one, and this other one on the first page. (There may be other goodies interspersed throughout.) In addition, another thread that touches on similar themes, although not necessarily of the schoolgirl variety, and not just among girls.

I liked the sound of the movie GohanTenno kindly recommended. It sounded like a gigantic compilation (I was thrown by the "5 GB" note), and I wanted to see if I could dig up the original movie. I later came to realize (especially after noticing the regular running length of two hours, and my awareness of how FA-Pro movies sometimes make a practice of putting together short stories) that HTMS-096 was most likely the original.

HTMS-096 - Lesbian schoolgirls bullying-4.jpg

As I went about trying to figure out whether there was an original, I narrowed down from the available cast list the likeliest actresses for the scene (most likely, Natsuki Yokoyama, Aya Miyazaki, and Shiori Amami?)... and while on their pages, I came across other potential possibilities. The following's from Natsuki Yokoyama's filmography:

Torture Captivity Lesbian Of Breeding [AUKG-225]; there's a second one in its series [AUKG-259], with R18's interesting "synopsis":

"...In the past, this psychological experiment was conducted at a college in the US. They gave each of randomly selected people a role to play to see if they behave accordingly. As a result, their minds and behaviors changed as the roles given to them... So, I want to make a perfect slave based on the experiment... in complete captivity..."

(Not exactly schoolgirls really; the cover for AUKG-225 fooled me into thinking that.)

The following's from Aya Miyazaki's filmography:

Schoolgirl Confinement, Torture & Rape, Rough Sex, And Gang Banging bibian x ATTACKERS Special Collaboration Edition [BBAN-123]

(Although that's not exactly about bullying either; I just thought I'd throw it out there. The first couple of links I provided are a little more to the point. As I mentioned, some of the other posts on that thread are pretty good, like M1N0RA's suggestion of ANND-070. One particularly powerful example that I see I had included back then was Transfer Student Bullying First Lesbian [CRPD-391].)

Thanks for your wonderful recommendation, @GohanTenno ! If I may, a suggestion I had made in the past, regarding attachments; the relevant passage has been excerpted behind the "Spoiler" button below:

"...(Although you should make sure to work on your photos before putting them up; your other thread loads slowly, because you put up gigantic PNG files. You probably have a Photoshop style graphics program already; if not, Irfanview is a great user-friendly and free alternative. PNGs should be converted to JPGs, the idea being to get the file size down as low as possible, preferably under 50kbs, without sacrificing too much quality. We also need to be considerate toward Akiba-Online's resources.)"

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Apr 23, 2009
Thanks guys. It really helped.
But I recently find these cover, and have no idea, where I can find it.


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Jun 12, 2017
...I.liked the sound of the movie GohanTenno kindly recommended...FA-Pro...HTMS-096 was most likely the original...View attachment 967497...the likeliest actresses for the scene (most likely, Natsuki Yokoyama, Aya Miyazaki, and Shiori Amami?)...and while on their pages, I came across other potential possibilities. The following's from Natsuki Yokoyama's filmography:

Man, GT was great! Anyway, wondering where you've been or if have any other recommendations in this category!
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Feb 2, 2018

I did liked DVDES-484, one of the first JAV movies I saw!

Maeda Hina and Kyouno Nanaka are bullying Haruki Sato non stop in that movie.

Hope you will enjoy


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