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Rei Kuromiya (黒宮れい) [gravure thread]

Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by gokkunfan, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. KaiEr

    KaiEr Active Member

    Just be glad they're not posting any more pictures of that harry guy dressed as a little girl. I'm fine with discussions and people being fans of her outside of the junior idol scene, but it was a bit much to see that on this site.
  2. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Did someone call for me?

    Sorry Beard, but you aren't a member of this group anymore!!!

    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  3. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

  4. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Let's see... ah, Rei has a answer for you:


    And here she answers twice:


  5. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Official upload of the Nadarezakarock Ladybaby tour special.
    Better quality....1080p :)

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  6. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Rei was streaming on her Instagram today. I missed it.
    I hope someone recorded it and uploads it.

    001 insta.
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  7. example100000

    example100000 Rei's beauty #___#

    wish granted lol. recorded it myself, caught her a few seconds after it started.

    you'll need to rename each of the files into such a format after downloading:
    reiinsta.zip.002, etc...

    then unzip altogether.

    Basically just starts off with konichiwa, then just her listening to music...while staring at the camera, waving once in a while, hardly any talking...


    Attached Files:

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  8. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much!!!

    So not much talk from Rei then. But interesting to hear what music she is listening to :)
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  9. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    Last edited: May 22, 2017 at 10:29 PM
  10. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

    Wait, third? Not fourth? Or are that counters for something else? I'm confused.
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  11. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    No, it is me thats confused.. This is the "nth" crowdfund and i cant really remember where I am at. This was supposed to be batch 3 & 4 of the photo crowdfund but i merged them together and added the BD`s. I have run so many Rei crowdfunds now spanning the last year or so and its really starting to confuse me. :lii:

    I really do apologise! Just know this is the only current crowdfund running by me thats for Rei materials... whatever number it is :maaf: but for now lets go with the 4th
    granatnik likes this.
  12. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

    Just get this done, whatever the number.

    *Jealous guy with nothing going on for girls he likes.*
  13. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    That is exactly my intent, i NEED more Rei :D

    Why dont you run a crowdfund for the girls you like, i am willing to help should you want to?
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  14. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

    Comparing activity here and in other threads, I'm afraid that this could be hard... especially as I'm not very capable to contribute myself now, what could be awkward.
  15. King_Of_Rhye

    King_Of_Rhye Active Member


    Wait....Brats actually have an album out that I can buy, or download at least?

    "BRATS is the Japanese girls band formed by sisters Rei Kuromiya (The Artist Formerly Known as Ladybaby) and Aya Kuromiya that expresses the bold, loud, phenomenal sound of today's Tokyo youth!"

    "Album Notes
    First international release from Japanese girls rock band BRATS with 2 studio tracks and 6 live tracks from their "Reborn" free live in March 2017."

    I'm totally buying this when I get paid next week. :D
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  16. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!


    Me too!
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  17. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    TeensEver part 3 with Rei and Rie. LADYBABY song "School Of Hard Knocks"

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