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Discussion in 'Request TV' started by dotwu, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. dotwu

    dotwu Member

    Onegai Muscat (おねがい マスカット) / Please Muscat

    The name of show is "Onegai Muscat (おねがい マスカット)" or "Please Muscat" in english.

    I cannot describe any better since my english not good, but in summary this show features S1 AV idols in it:

    Sora Aoi
    Yuma Asami
    Akiho Yoshizawa
    Maria Ozawa
    Nishino Sho
    Emiru Momose (Between April and May)
    Hatsune Minori
    Risa Kasumi
    Hina Kurumi (?)
    Asami Ogawa

    More info on japanese wikipedia page:

    Preview the videos on youtube:

    I'm hoping someone who has the high quality version would like to share it.