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[R]華原朋美 写真集 Crystallize II

Discussion in 'Request Images' started by gaijindavid, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. gaijindavid

    gaijindavid Member

    華原朋美 写真集 Crystallize II
    Amazon Sales Page

    I tried this request before, got no answer, but with Ryuuga and ccwder seemingly able to perform magic, I'll try it again. Anyone seen this photobook and/or the accompanying DVD posted for sharing? She's not the most beautiful but I liked some of her old songs so it would be cool to, um, see the goods.
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  2. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    Hmmm...her Photobook Crystallize I could be found easily. But it seems that no one was sharing her 2nd Photobook Crystallize II. Weird.

    There's indeed an IV for her Crystallize II. The torrent was posted in last year. Unfortunately, it's dead and no one care about it anymore. All I could find is the screenshot of it (image attached at below). That's all I can do for you, gaijindavid. ^_^''

    I have Crystallize I PB, interested?

    Btw, here's a little news. Kahara been fired by her agency since July 1st 2007.
  3. gaijindavid

    gaijindavid Member

    yeah, I got Crystallize I, and I was on that dead torrent for a few hopeful weeks last spring, but no luck there.

    and her firing was probably due to her weight gain recently, as well as her bizarre behavior and general lack of talent. :)