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PSA: Avoid PureVPN

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by m0mij1, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. m0mij1

    m0mij1 Archiver/Reverse Engineer

    This is just a word of warning for anyone looking for a VPN.

    PureVPN are honestly the stupidest group I've ever dealt with for a service.
    Their site is a full of false promises, with loads of hidden traps between. Despite the various press reports of them being 'good', 'great service' and 'private'.

    It took me hours to get a refund with their 'Hassle free' terms. Which was way more than a hassle if anything.
    The live-chat support appears to always be "Kayne" with copy and paste scripted replies.

    In order to cancel your subscription, you have to request a link from the livechat "Kayne". Then fill out a bunch of required fields which is more than a survey than 'cancelation' form.
    On top of that, to get a refund, you have to fill out the very same form with a different title. Again you have to contact 'livechat' support to do it.

    You'll then finally get an email from support, this time they start troubleshooting your 'reasons' with 'solutions'. Even when you selected in the duplicated forms "Urgent" and "Right now".

    I got very pushy with them and threatened a PayPal case. An hour or so passes, and they sent an email to say 'We processed your refund'.

    Really isn't hassle free at all.
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  2. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    Ouch! Thanks for the heads up. While I'm not on the market for a VPN at the moment It sounds like what I had to do with 3monkey.me. Not recommended at all but after them I found IP vanish. Which I have happily used for the last 3 years without a single issue! Highly recommended~
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  3. m0mij1

    m0mij1 Archiver/Reverse Engineer

    I ended up going back with PIA. I previously left PIA to go with ExpressVPN, ExpressVPN are very good in terms of speed but don't support Port Forwarding.
  4. SecretPal

    SecretPal Beyond Redemption

    NordVPN is running a special $2.75 mo if you buy three yrs ($99) in advance. One hacker wrote that IP Vanish kept activity logs despite claiming otherwise.
  5. INever2

    INever2 Well-Known Member

    Suggest looking into vpngate.net/en
    Open source based in Japan.
    Tunnelblick is the mac client.
    Most servers claim 2 weeks logs.
    It's free.
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