On the removal of the Jr Idol club


Jan 25, 2007
I'm working on reviving alt.binaries.japan.fashion.j-class (there is a group for Akiba Online but it has been abandoned for years). I've been uploading photos and videos to j-class since May 19th.

I hope no one is upset that I am reposting a lot of content I got from torrents here, since that content is no longer allowed at AO and most of the JI industry has ended anyway.
Good idea. Thinking of jumping back on newsgroups after a decade+ off. Someone posted Eweka as a potential usenet provider and they look decent.

Edit: Please send me any recommendations for good newsgroups you have.
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Mar 4, 2008
I'm posting away, trying to figure out what is appropriate for the group. You can literally post anything but I want to keep it on topic. I'm posting things I got from AO and elsewhere.
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Good Luck Scanner
Apr 2, 2007
I had intended to update the group FAQ for some years by now
but for some reasons, I suspended activity at the group
the recent activity is much appreciated
maybe one or another can post it
alt.binaries.japan.fashion.j-class FAQ

Group founder : RicX
Topic : fashion of japanese female, junior class

this faq is revisable only by the group founder.

Section 1

(1) posts may be text, image, audio, or video files
(2) no nudity
(3) no spam, advertisements
(4) no infected files
(5) executable files must be packed (zip,rar,etc.) and clearly and
correctly labeled
(6) no encrypted file attachments
(7) no cross posting
(8) no excessive off-topic postings
(9) no flooding - post limit advisements, if needed, can be further

Section 2.1

even though it might be otherwise on topic,
no images, the output of an AI, may be posted.


I have no intention to moderate the group
nor will be posting in it.
please be courteous to one another.
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Stooky Bill

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Nov 3, 2015
Told y'all discord is not the place for JI.
There is an official Discord for Azur Lane, and it’s against the rules there to post official artwork of some of its own characters because they break Discord’s “loli” rules. You know, drawings.

But anyway, given what I suspect was being shared in the exclusive sections (which only certain members had access to), I wouldn’t be surprised if law enforcement got involved.


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Aug 10, 2014
If it was anything like the initial discord I'm not surprised - you should just hope that you haven't been put on a list.


Sep 3, 2017
I don't know why that Discord server was shut down, and I have no idea what was actually in the exclusive area, but I honestly think all of the AI generated pictures were leading to trouble. The actual JI photos and videos were probably ok, and legal. But those AI pics were getting out of control - just a matter of time, in my opinion. Too bad - the Discord server was solid. By the way, what happened to the idol website jav-jav-jav.xyz? Another JI casualty?