Name of the Jap Adult Series.


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Apr 30, 2021
I trying to find the name of a series of Adult movies. The movies would have one girl stay in a apt or house (Maybe for 48 hours or a week not sure) and men would be watching her from outside on camera in the apartment and randomly come in to have sex with her. sometime they would come in while she was sleeping and wake her up tp have sex. Would appreciate any information. Thanks
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Apr 27, 2021
Don't know about the 48 hour or week but I know of 24 hour movies where they randomly "cum" on the actress.

These are the Gokkun one:

Sddm-177 Amano Heart Bukkake Cum Anytime And Anywhere 24 Hours

Sddm-251 Nanase Semen Bukkake VOL.2 Ri Sail Anywhere At Any Time 24 Hours

SDDM-288 Moe Nishimura VOL.3 Bukkake Cum Anytime And Anywhere 24 Hours

And these are the only two with the same concept except with sex:

SDDM-296 Kurosaki Fan Vegetables SEX Anytime And Anywhere 24 Hours

SDDM-357 Spear Rolled "super"! Stet! 24 Hours!! Mai Sakashita

I hope that helps.

You can also go through the Soft on Demand list (link down below) to check out if there are more videos with this concept. These are the only ones I'm familiar with so idk if there are any others from the same makers or different ones.