Most erotic/seductive Lesbian JAV titles


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Aug 19, 2008
It seems to me that its very hard these day to find good erotic lesbian jav titles, and if there are any, it's one in a few. I would like for those of you in this community to list your most favorite erotic lesbian jav titles. Everyone may have a different definition of "EROTIC" but what it means to me is this. I'll name a title just to give you a sense of what style of lesbian JAV I'm trying to describe:

The FSET Lesbian Night Crawler series is pretty erotic, I love when both girls are dominate and are trying to turn on and tease the other girl. Most lesbian JAV I've seen the girls are too whiney, and they appear as if they're in pain and not enjoying it, they're too shy and timid. But when both girls are actually in this sultry, seductive and horny mood, it makes the entire movie that much better.

Please leave out titles involving swimsuits, oil salons, and overuse of toys out. I am focus on titles that have a lot of seductive foreplay, such as teasing and kissing with the tongue. I love lesbian JAV titles that feature actresses with extremely long tongues. Such as Shizuka Kanno, Yuno Hoshi, Maki Hojo. There's a lot to name, but I love it when they use there tongue fully to tease and are not shy to show it off.

Erotic lesbian JAV with actresses featuring extremely long tongues is hot!!! What are some titles that feature these qualities?