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@misty. Is there a members area?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by m0mij1, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. m0mij1

    m0mij1 Archiver/Reverse Engineer

    How do @Misty release their books? On their website there doesn't seem to be a members area.
    Am I completely missing something here?
  2. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    @Misty closed up shop at the end of March 2018… months ago. The last mail magazine that I got from them was March 20th and they said that they were closing up shop!
    Some of their pdfs are available at other sources though. What were you looking for?
    Of course they still shoot gravure but their site is no-longer being updated with content.
    CoolKevin likes this.
  3. m0mij1

    m0mij1 Archiver/Reverse Engineer

    I was just looking for their new content. I could see PDFs on the site but no way of buying or viewing them.
  4. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    Here ya go.
  5. m0mij1

    m0mij1 Archiver/Reverse Engineer

    Some kind of geoblock. Even through my Japan VPN it doesn't like it. :(
  6. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yes, many Japanese sites actively blacklist known VPN server IPs. Not sure how to get around that except by using another in hopes that it hasn't been blocked…
    But there hasn't been much content released after they closed up shop anyway.