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Mimip2p, FDzone, etc.. Invitation Code

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by fr0stbyte, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    Do we have members who here who are also members on Mimip2p, FDzone or any other Chinese P2P site? I could really use an invitation code so I can pool my torrents more quickly (torrents for certain actresses and genres; search for my threads to know what I'm talking about).

    These sites would always ask for invitation codes and the lot.. so it's pretty hard to register.

  2. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    I'm just became a member of mimip2p.net, now if only someone could get an invitation code for fdzone.
  3. hannah

    hannah New Member

    Hey, fr0stbyte! Can you show me the way to become a memeber of mimi2p.net ?!? Because I can't register on that website! Thanks in advance!
  4. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    I did join the forum but I'm not fluent with Chinese characters so I have no idea how to create an invitation code. Mimip2p did open registration last month without the need for an invitation code. The registration must have been closed already by the time you did try to register.
  5. Hebi

    Hebi New Member

    I just join the mimip2p forum (it seems that the registrations were open today) but I didn't find out where the AV forum is, did you find it fr0stbyte?
  6. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    It's the 4th (uncensored) and 5th (censored) sub-forum on ☆BT成人區 Adult BT☆ (located at the lowest portion of the main page. You have to wait for the admin to confirm your account or else none of the Adult oriented BT forums will appear.
  7. Hebi

    Hebi New Member

    Oh thanks!
    My account is now confirmed by the admin, since I can see those sub-forums... But when I try to open a thread I have this message:


    1. 對不起,本文章要求閱讀權限高於 11 才可瀏覽,請返回。
    2. 您已經登入,但您的帳號或其所在的用戶組無權訪問當前頁面。

    I understand Japanese but Chinese... Help me please!
  8. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    babelfish will save the day:

    "You have no right to carry on the current operation, because this possible below one of reasons to create:
    1. Sorry, this article request reading jurisdiction is higher than 11 only then may glance over, please return.
    2. You already recorded, but your account number or its is at the user group has no right to visit the current page."

    Looks like you don't have access to this part of their forum :petrfied:
  9. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    Wait for a few days.. That's what I did after registration.. by the way, does mimip2p load on your end? I've been getting the "Not found" error since yesterday. Could you check out the page if it's the same bit with you? Other readers are also welcome to help.

  10. IdolFun

    IdolFun ★ ☆ I Am God ☆★ Super Moderator

    If it show something like this [閱讀權限 20] you need to have a higher rank to see them.

    I get that about for 12 hours every day, it is working right now for me.
  11. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    This had not happened to me until yesterday.. Is it the same bit with you? Or does this happen all the time?
  12. IdolFun

    IdolFun ★ ☆ I Am God ☆★ Super Moderator

    It seem to be like the old server was here, when the Japanese traffic it slows down or kills the site.
  13. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    Whew.. I thought I was banned from the site. And to think I had just joined the forum a few weeks ago. But random access times made me think otherwise.. Thanks for the info!
  14. newhalf

    newhalf New Member

    I just became a member of mimip2p :happy: Registered and can log-in, but the account is not confirmed yet.

    How I got there: checking if registration is open, every day, for months.

    PROTIP: have an email address handy which is not from gmail, they don't accept gmail accounts during registration.

    About invitation regarding OPs question -- I don't know if mimip2p has an invitation system at all.

    Does anyone know if there is english (!) info about using mimip2p anywhere, or something like an essential FAQ?

    Maybe members of mimip2p here on Akiba Online can answer this:

    I have registered but haven't received the confirmation email. So what I would like to do is change my email address of my mimip2p account, and ask for a re-send of the confirmation email. But even with google translate I can't figure out how to do that (change email, ask for new confirmation email). How long does it take to get the confirmation email?

    Also, I would like to have an avatar picture, I wonder where can I set this?

    And, on mimip2p do I have to maintain a share ratio? Or is it the same like Akiba Online, Piratebay etc...?