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Discussion in 'Music Downloads' started by pulantai, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. pulantai

    pulantai New Member

    Disc 1

    disc 2-1

  2. Fuwas

    Fuwas New Member

    Nice Work, and Good job.
  3. newsn

    newsn Member

    sweet! now I don't feel bad about getting the normal copy of MGS4 and not the limited edition lol =-).
  4. tengak

    tengak New Member

    i've benn waiting 4 thiz!
  5. dayvy

    dayvy Member

    awsome work
  6. folkflare

    folkflare New Member

    Thanks a lot. I really love MGS
  7. wapu

    wapu New Member

    Nice, wasn't exactly looking for this but since it's here I might as well grab it. Thanks a bunch.
  8. surya_sagara

    surya_sagara New Member

    I'm no hero..never was.. :hero:
    But hey,nice stuff dude !! Many thanks !! :XD:
  9. Schuey

    Schuey New Member

    Awesome dude! Gonna download right away!

    It's all from the Limited Edition of MGS4, right?

    EDIT: Oh wait, I was wrong. This is from the actual Official Soundtrack because with the Limited Edition you only get selected songs (16 to be exact).
  10. hkun

    hkun Hentai Sama

    la li lu le lo!! thanks a bunch mate!! hope its working fine!