[KIDM-543B]Cawaii 星野美優(18GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

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Feb 16, 2007
KIDM-543B Cover.jpg
KIDM-543B[720] Index.jpg
KIDM-543B[1080] Index.jpg
KIDM-543B[LQ] Index.jpg
Title: Cawaii
Actress(es): 星野美優 Miyu Hoshino
Manufactruer: Kingdom
Label: Empress
Catalog Number: KIDM-543B
Release Date: 2015-05-08
Running Time: 72 minutes
File Format: iso & mp4
iso File Size: 18.25GB
[LQ] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±1400kb/s @ 854x480
[LQ] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
[LQ] File Size: 948MB
[720] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±9200kb/s @ 1280x720
[720] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
[720] File Size: 5.03GB
[1080] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±9800kb/s @ 1920x1080
[1080] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
[1080] File Size: 12.8GB
Seeding Time: 2 weeks (Strictly Enforced)

This release is brought to you by a kind akiba-online member.


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Nov 22, 2006
I do buy them myself.
You could've fooled us.
Besides looking at your post history, you only ever seem to post on my threads and complain that the speeds aren't good enough for you… give me one good reason not to ban you.


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Nov 14, 2014
Moving at a snail's pace, though.
Wonderful observation leech.

Of course it's slow at first dumbass, it's a new torrent.
Be grateful or buy them yourself.

I do buy them myself.
You could've fooled us.
Besides looking at your post history, you only ever seem to post on my threads and complain that the speeds aren't good enough for you… give me one good reason not to ban you.

DESIGNER - Sustaining L.I.F.E. SUPER MODERATOR vs. MONKEYCHICKEN - Member Alleged Leech, parasite,
cheap charley (slang, Thailand)

how did this play out ???....................or did it just get dropped, or did monkey chicken just crawl back into the internet ether and anonymity
to lick his ego wounds and keep leeching......???

This is an anonymous (nearly so), Libertarian, Pseudo-Socialist Community of presumably like minded people that have an affinity for Asian Woman and the Japanese Culture as it pertains to Sexual Mores and Attitudes towards Sexuality, and their Admiration of the Female Form, resulting in what appears to be a much more open (and healthy IMO) desire to sexually please the woman with an incredible array of devices made for the specific purpose of "Pleasuring" (giving pleasure to) the woman..............add this to the apparent acceptance of allowing pre-pubescent girls (and boys to an extent, as I am lead to believe) to enter into this world, even at the risk of allowing the Country to become something of a Pariah State due the the Overbearing and Arrogant attitude of the largest Superpower (which has "Bullied" Japan into signing document after document in Public Venues,
to agree to change 1000 years of a significant part of their culture within an historical "instant", just to satisfy the cultural baggage of the first colonizers of America, who were fleeing cultural/religious persecution themselves, only to virtually obliterate the culture of the land that welcomed them, along with 95% of the indigenous peoples, the previous inhabitants that populated the US and Canada 8000 to 12,000 years earlier....................

My Suggestion to Improve this all too common Scenario, so that those who do not contribute many quietly lurk and sponge without offering negative energy/commentary that is not helpful to the FELLOWSHIP - Individuals may obviously contribute to the fellowship of AKIBA-Online.com in many other ways, and possibly DESIONER as well, as HE(or / She) appears to make this go
ALMOST BY HIMSELF...............but except for those that are Disabled or Retired, WE Should Be able to contribute some cash
to enlarge our "Library", for the Good of ALL..............If FileJoker provides needed income to the ADMIN & Staff, a fair price to pay , in my Opinion.

1) Desioner - a brief tutorial on the proper method or mechanism to contribute to the purchase of a DVD or Blu-Ray, or PM me at least, so I can do my Part. I have already written that all members with the means should contribute, especially if there is an anonymous means of doing so..............................................AND.............LOL.........

1)MonkeyChicken - Either put up or ShutUP, if you had contributed, I am sure you would be publicly complimented, and if you haven't yet then let's do so and pick out one or two.......................OR BETTER YET, DESIONER, GIVE US THE COST & TELL US HOW, and I will split the cost of the next one or two Miyuu DVDs with you, depending on how much $$$$ you can afford. If you can't accept this challenge then I will pay for the next DVD produced & released that features this beautiful and sexy woman with whom I have vicariously experienced her journey through adolescence, as she is my top U-15 of all-time. Natsuki has those slutty
good looks, but doesn't come close to M.H. (or my ex-, IMO) ................ to those members that cannot (or have difficulty) telling them apart.................LMFAO :p:);):mad::D:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

I would hope my thoughts on this matter are accepted the Community at large, and I would like to say that CM accepts my offer to split the purchase
of two DVD's or one Blu -Ray of Miyuu, our precious true 18 yo, I wonder if she will go JAV in the next year or two , or do these girls get snapped up by the wealthy /or powerful as a mistress.............I presume she would go in a minute, if the price were "right"....... and remember, it was one little comment that started this mini-rant......................................
Moving at a snail's pace, though.