Just discover the community I was looking for ages


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Jul 2, 2024
Hi everybody,

I just discover the community completly randomly, with this thread , It contains links of movies that i was looking for months, and 2 of them for years even, i ended up forsake the idea to find them one day.

I couldn't find a welcome post in the general tab nor the site support and help tab, to get to know the basics rules here.

I can't acces some movie in the list, it says my account doesn't have admin privilège (see pic). Is there any subscription i need to make for being a prenium member, FileJoker or Else ?

I don't have Hidden gem to upload that i could contribute, but i could contribute financialy.

Thanks for your time, hope my english was good enough ;)


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Mar 30, 2007
Hello and Welcome :hi:

I hope you will enjoy your stay here :cheers:

looking at the thread you linked, it seems to be dead, the original poster was banned 9 years ago,
and the "only admin" attachment you posted means it was set up on an old system/board, so your search has to be more precise, no subscription required, sponsor based


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Jul 2, 2024
Thanks for your response,

It makes sense to looks at the more recent posts for the links to be active.

I am going for a tour in the forum to get to know the community more.

Many thanks again ;)
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