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Feb 4, 2019
Joshi Puroresu

Beginner’s Guide To Joshi Puroresu

This is a new thread I am starting in line with my interest in Lesbian Japan ie: 80% of these wresters are Young Girls & they are all Lesbian, they are not allowed to have Boyfriend while on training, few have Girl Friends.

What is Joshi puroresu:
Puroresu done by female wrestlers is called joshi puroresu (女子プロレス) or joshi puro for short, Women's professional wrestling in Japan are usually handled by promotions that specialize in joshi puroresu, rather than divisions of otherwise male-dominated promotions as is the case in the United States (the only exception was FMW, a men's promotion which had a small women's division, but even then depended on talent from women's federations to provide competition). However, joshi puroresu promotions usually have agreements with male puroresu promotions such that they recognize each other's titles as legitimate, and may share cards.

All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling was the dominant joshi organization from the 1970s to the 1990s. AJW's first major star was Mach Fumiake in 1974, followed in 1975 by Jackie Sato and Maki Ueda, known as the "Beauty Pair". The early 1980s saw the fame of Jaguar Yokota and Devil Masami, major stars of the second wave of excellent workers who took the place of the glamour-based "Beauty Pair" generation. That decade would later see the rise of Chigusa Nagayo and Lioness Asuka, known as the "Crush Gals", who as a tag team achieved a level of unprecedented mainstream success in Japan, unheard of by any female wrestler in the history of professional wrestling all over the world. Their long running feud with Dump Matsumoto and her "Gokuaku Domei" ("Atrocious Alliance") stable would become extremely popular in Japan during the 1980s, with their televised matches resulting in some of the highest rated broadcasts in Japanese television as well as the promotion regularly selling out arenas.[21].

Women's Pro-wrestling in Japan has been vastly different than in other pro-wrestling countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States. Women were often side attractions and though they were popular, they were never considered marquee acts by many. In the years after World War II, Women's Pro-Wrestling in Japan or "Joshi Puroresu" began humbly in the underground. Two comedian brothers Pan and Chopin Ikari started a lewd version of combat between girls that evolved into All Japan Women's Wrestling Club in 1948. It was a small thing, but pro-wrestling was becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream with the rise of Rikidozan and his JWA group.
Utami Hayashishita – Big Rookie in Stardom, one of the best young wrestlers
Arisa Nakajima – Former Ace of JWP, currently wrestling with SEAdLINNNG
Hikaru Shida – Wrestles in various promotions, currently the champion in OZ Academy
Sareee – Young wrestler and one to keep an eye on, wrestles in Diana
Konami – Very young wrestler that debuted in 2015, trained by Kana

In 1985, Japan's second women's wrestling promotion formed in Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. The promotion ran their first show on August 17, 1986. It featured Jackie Sato who returned from retirement and future stars such as Shinobu Kandori, Mayumi Ozaki, Cutie Suzuki and Dynamite Kansai, who would go on to be top stars in LLPW and JWP. [22] [23]

In 1992, Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling dissolved, splitting into LLPW and JWP. [24] These promotions worked together with FMW and All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling to create a critically acclaimed era with several classic matches authorized by the American wrestling publication Wrestling Observer Newsletter featuring wrestlers such as Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Kyoko Inoue, Bull Nakano, Mayumi Ozaki, Megumi Kudo, Dynamite Kansai amongsts others. This era was also notable for multiple wrestlers returning from retirement such as Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Asuka, Jaguar Yokota, Devil Masami and Bison Kimura, which increased interest.
Some of the femous wrestler are shown here.
Here are some photos I collect of famous young Wrestlers:



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if i were a japanese female professional wrestler, and someone told me that i couldn't have a boyfriend, i'd beat the crap out of him.