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Jet Set Radio OST

Discussion in 'Music Downloads' started by Kasuga, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

    Who could forget these classic?

    01 - Let Mom Sleep.mp3
    02 - Humming The Bassline.mp3
    03 - That's Enough.mp3
    04 - Everybody Jump Around.mp3
    05 - Sneakman.mp3
    06 - Bout The Cidy.mp3
    07 - Mischievous Boy.mp3
    08 - Sweet Soul Brother.mp3
    09 - Rock It On.mp3
    10 - Yellow Bream.mp3
    11 - Electric Tooth Brush.mp3
    12 - Funky Radio.mp3
    13 - Moody's Shuffle.mp3
    14 - Grace & Glory.mp3
    15 - Jet Set Medley.mp3
    16 - K (Toronto) - Jet Set Station.mp3
    17 - Jet Set Groove #1.mp3
    18 - Jet Set Groove #2.mp3

  2. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    umm i seem rude but how about completing it with Jet Set Radio Future?

    the trax in there is nice, love the neo-techno feel

    wait JSR is JSRF? so the first one is JGR right? If its so, my bad~

    *( ' 3')chu
  3. chompy

    chompy slacker Staff Member Super Moderator Emperor

    Jet set radio future was a remake of Jet set radio. Jet grind radio was the american version and had lots of american songs (nu-metal type stuff) thrown into the mix.
    I have both soundtracks including the unreleased tracks and most of the original album cuts from the artists on them. I'll see if I can do a torrent.
  4. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

    Well first of all I dont have jet set radio future... these tracks were ripped by me with my original jet set radio ost cd. Second I never played jet set radio future before because I dont have an xbox so I never really bother to get the jet set radio future cd.... Sorry.
  5. hiddencow22

    hiddencow22 New Member

    Jet Set Radio Future OST:

    1. The Concept of Love
    2. Fly Like A Butterfly
    3. Funky Dealer
    4. Shape Da Future
    5. Teknopathetic
    6. Oldies But Happies
    7. Like It Like This Like That
    8. I Love Love You (JSRF version)
    9. Baby T (JSRF version)
    10. Humming the Bassline (D.S. Remix)
    11. Rock It On (D.S. Remix)
    12. Sneakman (Toronto Remix)
    13. What About The Future
    14. Bokfresh
    15. Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix)
    16. That's Enough (B.B.Rights Mix)
    17. Sweet Soul Brother (B.B.Rights Mix)
    18. Grace And Glory (B.B.M.H.Mix)
    19. Jet Set Medley Future
    20. Jet Set Station #2
    21. Jet Set Station #3
    22. Jet Set Station #4

    Scapegoat Wax - Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)
    Cibo Matoo - Birthday Cake

  6. haruglory007

    haruglory007 New Member

    Thanks! should be good dl's.