Japanese women


Sep 22, 2008
Is it true that all japanese women sound like pikachu with a lightning rod stuck up his arse when having sex? It must be true because I saw it on a porno and have no experience with real life womens.

I have been with a few Japanese women and yes they do tend to squeak a lot. It's quite different from western women.
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Jul 23, 2008
I hate generalizations but women tend to get into the habit of making sounds they think men enjoy so I could see that being a cultural thing. I bet that squeaking thing is cute...at first. Probably one of those things that go away during a long term relationship, (like so many masks do).

Some sounds women make aren't cultural at all. If you have never heard an uncontrollable moan escape a womans lips you need to refine your technique (making someone lose control sexually is a high as good as any drug). Some women try to stay quiet and can remain that way right up to the leg clenching, shaking shuttering moment of release but if you can find a way to build up the correct amount of foreplay and encouragement they will usually end up making a few uncontrollable sounds of their own. I admit that I haven't always had the patience or desire (or stamina, lol) to achieve that with every women I have been with but I just can't see that as being a cultural thing. A woman is a woman no matter what language she speaks or what she happens to look like.....they all got the same parts in the same places. A blessing and a curse to all men they are.


Jun 9, 2009
Well said Ceewan. I've yet to encounter a woman who's "squeeling" sounds was their natural type of expression. It seems to be something that's considered "attractive" so they put it on for added effect. Having a woman who's less "refined" and more "natural" is all the more enjoyable, however in my experience the woman needs to have a certain level of comfort with you to achieve that.
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I Know Better Than You
Mar 19, 2007
If only there was a 'picpaste' style of site for videos, then I'd upload a few ... er... 'home-made' clips so you guys could listen yourselves. Pity, pity...

Tristan Contreras

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Jun 24, 2014
Do prostitutes in Japan allow kissing in mouth? The prostitutes here in Malaysia, just won't allow it because of HIV risks. Did u had a Japanese girlfriend before Suvlaco?
HIV can't be transmited by saliva or at least that's what I have been told several years ago. Either maylasian whores are pretty ignorants of the "facts", or the gossip is getting bigger everyday. Next time scientist researchers are going to say that just looking a whore have a potential infection risk. Now cover your eyes poor souls or die!


Apr 30, 2011
There are certain bars and such where you can get Japanese girls easily even if you don't speak Japanese at all. Those are the places where the "gaijin hunters" go to find a cool foreigners to have sex and learn English with. BUT. In my opinion, the level of those girls isn't that high. And they always seem a little crazy or something. I don't know. By learning Japanese you can start a conversation with anyone. If you're good looking you can easily give it a go with those Tokyo Drift kinda girls and even if you're just a normal guy you can find pretty awesome girls because there's a lot of Japanese girls who are genuinely interested in foreigners but they don't have what it takes to communicate in English...

Know the language is helpful.

In fact 99% those Asian girls appear in the bar to date foreigners are lower than average looking, either prostitutes or unfavour to local Japanese males so they reluctantly approach foreigners for purpose (also the same situation in other Asian cities like China, Thailand etc.), its difficult to see fine looking East Asian woman would date foreigners in reality unless escort service hookers.

For hookers, there're rarely emotional attachment involved. Have seen a dark looking bar girl in an internet cafe chatting with 10+ western males concurrently by Skype, copy & paste the same message (e.g. I love you long time etc.) to every men on her list, very funny:D