Is the lottery a fraud?! What are you working for?


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Jun 5, 2009
Today I spoke to a senior woman who participated in a live TV lottery drawing, she commented to me the following facts.

The lottery numbers are spit out by a computer, the person participating in the live drawing has ONLY the job of picking that ball and showing it to the screen. However, you are about to be amazed at what I am going to tell you.

She said that after everyone has played the lotto, the computer can search an entire data base of played numbers and create a list of 'commonly used' numbers. The most commonly used numbers will NOT be spit out by the computer, so in other words, the numbers the players played the most will not be selected by the computer and will instead choose the numbers that WERE NOT commonly used.

So what does this mean? It sounds like a fraud if you ask me and the chances of someone winning when this is taking place are vey slim. Somebody would need to have a ticket that represents a combination of the not so used numbers which, is highly unlikely.

I believed this old lady because millions of people play the lotto every day, millions and there is no way that out of all those millions, there isn't a single person with the jackpot. You can bet for sure that the numbers being thrown out on the drawing are controlled by the amount of tickets played and using that database of tickets to create a set of numbers that will not match those played.

You know, its bad enough that the government makes lotteries illegal because, "the person holding the lottery might not give you what they promised." Since when is the government so concerned about how we spend our money? If anyone participates in any kind of raffle, it is a risk they take. The only reason raffles and lotteries here in the US are illegal is because any person can get filthy rich with them and they will not have to give a dime back to the government and most of us know that if the US government can't make money with a certain type of activity in use by people, they will make it illegal. That's got to be the most selfish piece of shit I've seen a government done.

I know this is true because I remember way back my father raffled off his car secretly in an online drawing. He charged the players $2 per ticket played. The way he did is people e-mailed him first asking for a letter that states he would keep up to his promise, notarized and signed by him, once the player got this letter he/she paid the fee and they didn't choose numbers, he simply took their names and address and that was the drawing was based on, which ever name got picked out was the winner. He held this drawing for almost one year and approximately 360,000 people played. Someone eventually wan the drawing but he walked away with $720,000 estimated! He sent all the money to a bank account in his country of origin and soon someone spilled the beans on him and he was deported out of the country with no way of entry ever again and fined $250,000. He paid the $250,000 but still kept over $500,000 or half a million dollars which was enough for him to build a house in his country and use the rest to start a business industry. Our mother and father separated after the incident and now years later my father is making millions of his business and is living happily.

He sends us money sometimes but not in large sums, he insists that if we want money, we must go after it and take any risks associated with getting it. He always commented that if you wanted to become rich in the United States you first need to give your ass hole to them so they can fuck it hard and only then can you become rich but not before the government can pound your ass happily for every penny you earned.

So you see, a raffle or lottery is the easiest way to become rich, so easy in fact its scary the amounts of money a person can make if they take the right steps. Everyone likes to be presented with opportunities!

It's funny how nobody can hold raffles or lotteries but the government is allowed to do so and even worse, they only pick out the numbers that aren't used as much so that nobody can win, what a pitty.

Lots of people hold raffles and lotteries under the table every year and they are making loads of money with them. The smart ones don't raffle off sums of money, instead they raffle off houses, cars, televisions, collections of some sort, they put a lot of prizes, 1st place, second place, third place, etc and only pick out a name and that name in which ever order picked out 1st, 2nd, third, etc gets the associated price. Many have gotten caught but still in the end, the person playing is the one taking the why does the government butt in? I already said why, because the government doesn't want anyone making large amounts of cash.

The US government is so corrupt infact that for individuals to receive funds for education and accelerating their future, they have to sign up for some selective service in which the even of a war in need of more people, they are obliged to go to war, its actually important to know that it happens to be the law to register because if you don't you can go to prison or get fined so does it sound like anyone has a choice in the matter? NOPE. Call me crazy but that sounds like involuntary servitude.....why should I have to sign up for war obligated just because you say so? I thought the US was supposed to be a free country? Well, it is not, the government is so corrupt its just a matter of time before it falls apart or they start abusing their own power. Its important to know that in the world, the United States is not the wealthiest country, they borrow large amounts of money from China and other countrys when there isn't enough to fund their pitiful wars. They move out from IRAQ and into Afghanistan and what next? Any excuse to use their war toys they will invent a reason to stay in a war.

People from all over the world come to the US for an education and opportunities to get rich.

Perhaps the most disgusting part about the government is the selective service itself. Once an individual turns 26 if he failed to register and trust me when I say that there are millions of people who go about their lives not knowing of any selective service and when they decide to get Aid or a government job, they find they cannot! But the worst part is, once you turn 26 you can't register anymore and basically to put it, your going to have a hard time living your life; 1. your not eligible to receive federal student aid, kiss your education good bye. 2. you face the risk of going to prison or even fined, EVEN WHEN NOT TRIED (was it your fault that you didn't know? maybe.) 3. you may not be able to get your driver's license in certain states! You may have to move to another state just to actually get a driver's license! 4. You may not be able to get any type of employment! Again, you may have to move out of this state and into another which, doesn't have such law in place.

You'll also find that an immigrant who is over the age limit to register, can actually register for selective service and get Federal Student Aid, how fucked up is that? In other words, if your son failed to register and now he is 26 but his friend from Mexico just registered and his 28, your son will not be eligible for funds even if he wanted to register but the immigrant from mexico is over the age limit can register and receive funds......that has got to be the biggest piece of shit law or condition I've ever read about in my life.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with raffles and lotteries? Simple, that in the US if you want to become very wealthy, you have to break the law. The real state takes advantage of many US laws and bends them to make certain things legal, they do it all the time in order to sell or buy property.

The bottom line is, if you want money, your not going to get any by sitting around working 1 job, if you want money, you need to to basically sacrifice yourself. Its true that we all wake up and live a routine life, sleep, eat, work, eat sleep, get payed and it pretty much goes on like this every year and were does all our money go? bills, clothes and crap. Believe it or not, the average person spends over $6000 every year in bull shit....that happens to be $6000 they can save but people don't want to save, they want to spend it on crap, and every day they wish they owned a house or that new car or financially stability.

I learned of this truth through my father and my friend who lives in Florida, who worked two jobs for 5 years, she said it was tough but she was able to save $20,000 a year with two jobs ..... she earned $300 a week from both and that was enough to save $1700 every month......5 years later she quit and had roughly $100k in the bank which, she used to move down to Florida, buy a house and some land, start a bussines and find another job which was easy for her to do since she had a solid work history of 5 years. I thought for a minute and said, damn.....that takes guts, to save that much money and not spend any of it and in the end it was all worth the wait and hard work. She didn't exactly buy a house she bought a mobile home with 2 bed rooms and bought her own lot for it, then had it moved from the first location because she was required to pay a lot fee, so she bought a lot of her own and moved the mobile home over to that she doesn't pay any rent or any lot fees and only pays trash, water, electric and other luxury living things like internet, cable tv, etc....still if she lost her job, she pretty much has nothing to worry about, shes got a home to stay in even if it all goes south on her and enough income for atleast 3 years in which time she could get another job, plenty of time I must say. To be specific with you guys, the mobile cost her $14,200 and she bought two lots of land for $13,000 a piece.....she used one for her mobile home and had a parking lot built on ther land next to her mobile.....wish I had pictures but shes got the whole thing looking pretty nice, I think that property is worth a good couple of thousands! But she worked her butt off for all that.

I've been thinking about doing the same thing but I don't know, two jobs? All my friends have told me, don't do it for the money but do it for your future. If you have a goal in your life and you want to pursue it, then do it for that because if you do it only for the money, you will not be able to spend any of it for as long as you remain in that cycle...that is true, very very true. I had the opportunity to experience how free my friend lives in Florida, she is not filthy rich but she owns her home, works 1 job now and the money she saved up was enough to actually pay for her education to become a dental hygienist which she is making $28/hr from down at Florida....I am proud of this girl, got her own home, her dream job and still have enough cash to make a living......its amazing how you can accomplish stuff if you put your mind into it. I was amazed and to be honest with everyone, I envy her life I even told her this myself.....she told me the most important words I ever heard in my life and which is why I am here today.

"Don't waste your time gambling money, it will get you no were. Every year you have $20,000 waiting for you but if you don't go after it, every year, you will find it is not there. It doesn't matter how much you earn, every year, there is a lump of money for the taking and all you have to do is work for it and save. I'm not telling you to go hungry and not enjoy life but make an effort to save as much as you can and work on the discipline of saving money to secure your future, not to retire but to secure a goal in your future that will allow you to live free; owning your home, starting your business, funding your own education and not paying back any type of loan, all you have to do is 'save' it sounds hard but its so damn easy. Money will multiply itself once you've got a good lump of sum, when you get that first $20,000 ... you will be motivated to double that amount and with every passing year, you'll be motivated to triple that and you can do it for as long as you like as long as you have an ultimate goal in life, don't let it consume you, work towards it how ever long it takes you and you will see that in the end, it was all worth it, even if you had to throw your life away the last couple of years for it but when you look back, you can accomplish what you set out to do and you'll find that the ones behind are stuck in the every day cycle living mediocre lives and you can say good bye to that and live a free life."

Wow, that inspired me so much that she got me thinking, I've been thinking about this for the past days and she is right. I happen to make $300 a week. I pay only $450 for rent and electric bill which is only $50 at the most, thats $500 month + internet and car insurance which all totals out to approx. $680, I still have $520 every month to spend....but how can you not spend that? How was she able to save that money?!!? I e-mailed her and got these words; "Take $100 for what ever you need to do, if your working towards a goal in life, tell yourself that you will not be able to enjoy life freely if you don't work towards that goal. What does this mean? You can go ahead and throw a party with your $500 if you like but tomorrow, you'll have nothing. People tend tend to get the things they want and not the things they 'need'. This means, every week, you want want a new pair of shoes but in reality, you don't need to be doing could have used that money to buy food which is important for you to continue living which, is the most important part of all, you need to eat to live so use your money to buy food instead of luxuries that will only get you fame for a short period of time. I saved $18,000 year simply because I saved $300 from my 3rd shift job, and combined it with my 1st shift job which was $75 ...... so every week I could save $375; 3rd shift = $300 + 1st shift = $75 those were my savings. I used the $50 which was money for myself to buy what ever I needed.....but that was just me and I REEALLLY wanted to save because I was obsessed with going to Florida already and was tired of those cold temperatures up were you live, I got tired of all the shit already and people screaming at me and working in those cold factories, I would never go back to that again and trust me, I could of still be doing that 6 years ago but I can tell you for sure that if I had done so, I wouldn't be were I am today, I would still be living in my 1 bedroom apartment with a nasty land lord and dealing with my co-workers some of which couldn't even multiple or divide numbers....I deserved better than that and today I feel a made the right decision, its not that I was selfish, I just simply used my head and got myself out of that nasty pit. I always believed that at the top of the pit was another person to help me, that person was me and I needed to create an image of her to throw me a rope down so I can climb out of the was me, I was looking at my future was amazing to think that I was already helping myself with myself from the future to the present......I know that sounds confusing but you'll figure it out eventually."

I was confused but I think the idea was, save what ever you can save and your future self will become to come into existence helping you in the present from as far as the future you seek to pursue. That was true, you can't see an image of yourself in the future if you don't work to realize that image. Now I know what people meant when they say, were do I see myself 5 years from now? Am I still working the same old job? Do I have a new car? Do I own my own home? Am I still living in the same place? Am I rich? Am I poor? And then later I found out; The past is the past and it is forgotten and you can't change it. The past is who you came to be and were you stand today. The present however, is your arena to modify your future. Your future you have total control off, all you need to do is modify something in the present and the future will become a reality.

I hope I have inspired those who seek a future in their lives because this girl surely has. I will think about until I am sure I want to commit to my ultimate goal which, is pretty much the same as hers, to move to Florida and get my own damn mobile home with my own lot...but I am 29 years old.....I keep thinking that maybe i'll be too old by the time I get up to her level, I'll be 36 years old but I keep asking myself......what if I turn 36 and I'm still stuck in the same cycle? I believe that is the ultimate deciding factor.....and I will not choose to stand around and do nothing about it, sure i'll be old but i'll be happy I worked towards something in my life!

If you read all this, I hope you were inspired and I hope I didn't waste your time. One last thing I want to say is, there are some people who do not want to abandon their every day cycle, some because they simply have no choice, others can't save any money at all (partly their fault) and some would rather enjoy life the way it is and not work towards a goal.

I really don't want to see negative feedback on this but all your comments are welcome. I feel people are going to be debating a lot about their future. This might make some say, DAMN....why didn't I do that? and others might say.....SCREW THAT, I want to enjoy my two jobs? No way, i'm too laxy.....and others might say.....that is impossible, you will never do it, you'll be so tired you wont have time for anything.

The last part is true, you'll be tired and wont have time for anything but guess what. Every day you can wake up and look at your future self taking shape and know that your hard work will pay off to put yourself in the position of your future one.

Working at your job is like the space shuttle orbiting earth. For as long as you work you can continue to orbit but the minute you stop, you fall back down to earth. Or, you can give yourself enough speed to eject out of earth's orbit and go beyond to a new destination.

Another way to describe it is a rock being thrown across a river. If you work and save you have enough energy to throw the rick but it may never get across if you throw it too soon. However, if you work a lot and save a lot, then you can throw the rock with all this saved up energy and hopefully it will be just enough to reach the other side of the river.

The bottom line, save money guys, its energy, get something out of your job, don't use it to just pay the bills and live life, that is the mediocre way of living life. Use your job to store energy to launch your future, that means save money, don't throw it all away.

There is a woman were I work that has been there for 26 have any idea what a waste of life that is? That is time she could have gotten an education in, that is enough time to save money and fund an education or even gotten help to fund one.....hell thats only 3 years less than my current age......this woman has been working since I was born up until today, that is insane....and you want to know how much money she makes right now? $14.50/hr in 26 years....her salary increases have not gotten her much...her job is to come to work and run a simple machine, one button to turn it on, one button to turn it off, requires no degree or what happens if she looses this job or lets laid off? There is no way she will find another job and start at $14.50/hr again, she may start back at the beginning at $8.50/hr more or less if shes lucky.

Hey, if the job pays good, I would say its worth it. If you can find a job that will pay you $18/hr well then go for it.....but you would be stupid not to save any money and secure your future! If you make 9/hr now or you make $12/hr an hour now......know that there are opportunities out there to almost double those earnings if you look hard enough, either by lots of overtime or secondary job, a lot of people work two jobs but some are doing it for the wrong reasons and others get burned out and fall off because they aren't pursuing a goal.

Well, my fingers hurt, happy commenting, by the way, I will not respond to any comments. People are free to make their own decisions, I am not forcing you to do anything, you can do with your future as you please, its your future, not mine.



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Sep 23, 2007
You wrote more in that one post than I have in two and a half years here!
I didn't read it; I just wanted to let you know I think that's impressive!!


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Mar 30, 2007
You wrote more in that one post than I have in two and a half years here!
I didn't read it; I just wanted to let you know I think that's impressive!!

I started to read it, but after 4-5 mins I just gave up as a bad job.

I think he must have an axe to grind, or lost out when he forgot to buy his tickets and his number came up


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Jan 27, 2008
The lottery doesn't have to cheat to still hose people. It's pretty simple statistics, really.

If I offer to sell you a lottery ticket for $1, and I tell you the jackpot is for $1,000,000, but I tell you that the odds of winning are only 1:1,000,000,000,000, then it's already obvious that I'm going to come out ahead in the long run. (Assuming the jackpot is the only prize offered, I would make $999 for every $1 I have to give the prize winner.)

The paragraph above operates within the realm of averages, i.e. allowing for infinite time and infinite scenarios. In reality, a little more caution needs to be exercised -- mainly because there is a slim-but-non-zero chance that people could win the jackpot consecutively in very little time -- but not too much caution. Not caution enough to the point that you'd need to cheat people. You'd simply need to slowly work your way up to a large jackpot. You'd need to start your lottery off at better odds of winning (e.g. 1:10,000) but with a lower prize to go with that (e.g. $100), something you could afford to dispense should multiple people win in the same week. As your purse swells, you can increase the jackpot (and decrease the odds of winning), and eventually you've got yourself a million-dollar jackpot just like the rest of 'em.

All of this stated? I think they do cheat people. I think it is all a fraud, and (no offense) anyone who plays is a gullible sucker who's deluding himself into thinking that any entity would ever willingly give somebody millions upon millions of dollars for no effort whatsoever.

But my point is that you shouldn't conclude that lottos are scams because they're inoperable. That's a faulty conclusion. Lotteries are genuinely operable. I just think they're scams because it's easy-peasy for the government to claim somebody won the lottery when in fact no one did at all, and doing that is 10x smarter than actually dispersing the cash prize to the winner(s).


Feb 28, 2007
There were some nice ideas and sentences. If you polished it and added some research data, it would make an interesting essay.


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Sep 23, 2007
There were some nice ideas and sentences. If you polished it and added some research data, it would make an interesting essay.


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Feb 24, 2009
well i didn't read the whole but i had a go at the first few paragraphs maybe you should have bullet pointed it.

from what i understand your say that lotteries are money making frauds that is true in most cases but take the UK national lottery the odds of winning that are 1 in 13,983,816
but most of the money raised goes to good causes and charities so your probably safer sticking with the big commercial ones like that then are dodgy ones run by your dad so people can line their pockets in excess (no offence just an example)

also in the next bit are you referring to illegal immigrants because there is reasons for strict regulations and punishments such as it'll stretch budgets of key areas like health care which raises taxes, what happens a lot in my country is loads of immigrants pile in from all over some work and some live of generous payments one such person hate preacher Anjem Choudary earns £25,000 a year in benefits not only does he drain our tax money that way but he also has round the clock police protection because every englishmen who loves their country and their soldiers hate his guts

sorry in advance if i offended anyone but they make my blood boiland if i missunderstood but i say again bullet points dude bullet points