Information on how to post a video that already exists on the forum.

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May 10, 2009

When it is and is not acceptable to post an already posted video and how to do it

Since too many people try to bend the rules or are not sure what to do and the situation is getting out of hand, here's a clarification of what is acceptable to post as a reply to an already existing video.

  • There should be only one version of any of the major resolutions(one SD, one 720p, one 1080p, one 4k, etc.) unless there is a good reason for another one to exist(wanting to post something isn't a good enough reason).

  • Posting mirrors(other filehosters) is only allowed if you're the first to post(filejoker link always required except in some specific sections) or if the previous posters links are all dead.

  • When posting a different version with a good reason, for example a less obtrusive or non-existent watermark or a higher quality version like a bluray rip instead of a web one, the reason needs to be stated in your post to let the people know how your version is any different.

Deeper explanations of some good reasons​

Less watermark is always a good reason, it's that simple. A blurred watermark will likely obstruct a bigger surface of the video so it is not considered less watermark even if the watermark is no longer visible since that portion of the video will have degraded quality, the result would need to be better than the original with a watermark for this to be acceptable.

In case of a quality difference, a screenshot comparison(the same frame from the original post rip vs your rip) needs to be included so people can judge if it's worth it to them.
Here's an example of a quality difference where it's ok to post a new version and how to do a screenshot(mpchc "save image" feature was used instead of an actual screenshot) comparison:
If you cannot see a difference between the two, don't guess there is one and post, just don't post.
If you fake a difference in quality, the mods will not be lenient with you since this cannot be accidental.

In case of an issue with the existing posted version, let the poster know first by replying in the thread(to also warn the people downloading) and if they do nothing to fix it, you can upload a fixed version yourself.
A video having the wrong aspect ratio(you have to make sure it's not an issue on your end though) would be ok to fix and here's an example of that(some may notice I didn't warn first in the thread in that example, which you shouldn't imitate, I knew they wouldn't fix it in other ways, you don't and the bad version had been around for a long time so no rush in warning people):

In case you want to upscale a video, it's only ok if there is not a version with that native resolution already(upscaling a DVD to 1080p of an old movie with no HD release is ok for example) and you need to specify how it was upscaled(by AI(good enough) or saying the exact name of the upscaling tool(better)).
This needs to be done with a quality upscaler or for a very specific reason which needs to be specified in your post. This can be easily abused which will not be tolerated. Ask yourself if there is a good reason to make one first and if the answer is "no" or "only so I can post something", then don't.
Here's an example of a clearly marked upscaled post:

In case of an uncensored leak(no visible trace of censorship in a video that should be and previously was), it's a good reason and should be posted in the original censored thread for that video or in the uncensored section if the censored version has never been posted before.

In case of a de-censored version(the censorship is still somewhat visible but is degraded instead of mosaics) of a previously censored video, it is ok to post it(in the censored section, this doesn't belong in the uncensored section) as long as there is some improvement over the censored version. If it's so blurry that we still can't see anything, it will not be considered a good reason.

In case you have a transformative version of any other kind, like a lesbian only version of a movie that has mixed hetero and lesbian scenes for example, it can be acceptable to post as long as it's something that's better for some people compared to the original. If nobody would want it, don't make it(or do and don't post it).

Final word​

These are only some examples, there could be more and the list may or may not get updated to reflect them as we deal with more, but the goal of all of this is to make sure everyone has an easy time deciding what to download so keep that in mind before posting instead of greed and all should be well.
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