How should a JAV movie be seen?


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Dec 19, 2021
A particular question, how should a JAV movie be seen? One scene at a time or in full?

For western porn it's easy, one scene at a time, normal movies have to be seen in full but JAV?


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Nov 18, 2008
Should be seen in full because the suspense is what makes you really excited for what to come. Kinda reminds me of watching late night shows on TV way back then (you can't fast forward or backward).


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Dec 19, 2021
Maybe I haven't been clear enough. Let's say a video has four scenes. Should you see one scene at a time? For example, one day scene 1 stops, another day scene 2 stops .... or all four scenes at once? I didn't mean to skip the scenes ie go straight to number 4 for example


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Oct 21, 2021
I just watch the scenes like independent scenes. I don't care that KATU-084 (for example) has 3 different scenes. To me is the same KATU-084-B than LULU-104-C.
To be honest I don't get the question. I've never watched a porn video like it's a film. Sometimes I'm interested in a full scene (I mean, the typical movie scene, not the 40 mins scene) and I watch it, but the normal thing is that if I want to jerk off I end up opening 4 or 5 videos.

If you want to watch the 3 hour of a movie... it's ok if you want it that way. I, on the other hand, assume that I'll return to that video a lot of times so there's no point watching the full scene.


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Jun 6, 2007
heck, i usually watch two or three scenes at the same time. the more the merrier side by side. sometimes the same scene from different angles. sometimes different scenes from one video. sometimes different scenes from different videos. order? i just loop the big finish over and over. splat. bang. pow… uh, i mean pako-pako bing-bing.

a full movie? how can anybody watch a full jav movie? they’re so boring. you don’t mean to tell me that you waste time watching a porn star walk down the street or ride in a car or eat lunch or answer interview questions. ['what do you do in your spare time?' “i like shopping and cooking.”] i can quickly flip through a new movie and know which are the best scenes. they’re the only ones worth watching… and usually only a minute or two of those. do you really need to see the same blow job from the same angles for fifteen minutes because some slow poke can’t drain his nuts efficiently. the last two minutes are enough for me... sometimes just the last ten seconds. (and if the guy can’t muster more than a few drops after all the efforts, then it’s recycle bin for you, buddy. i’ll catch the chick blowing a bazooka somewhere else.]


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Jul 1, 2008
i guess somebody just skip to cuming scene and watching if its real cum or not.

people watched jav for thier own reason behind it.

so you can do whatever you want when you have movies.

its no how because i am not YOU .


Sep 14, 2021
i like to watch full jav.. but for compilation jav i didnt like it.. i love to watch jav with a good storyline eventhough its repeated with different actress..