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[HF] MESS-011 Mama friend lesbian ママ友レズビアン

Discussion in 'JAV Downloads' started by jhungcof, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. jhungcof

    jhungcof Banned

  2. Moxy

    Moxy Lesbian Lover

    Hey thanks there mate for the vid.

    Just letting you know that its best to include the DvD code in the title so its easier for people to search for the vid and so on, its MESS-011.

    Thanks again.
  3. OishiYuri

    OishiYuri Member

    part 4 and part 7 is corrupted CRC error :notagain:
  4. jhungcof

    jhungcof Banned

    Have uploaded part 4 and 7 on hotfile again.
  5. OishiYuri

    OishiYuri Member

    part 7 and part 8 is corrupted CRC errors.:notagain:
  6. Tamachang

    Tamachang New Member

    me too:exhausted:
    download from hotfile
  7. azzkikr8502

    azzkikr8502 New Member

  8. Jenni2

    Jenni2 New Member

    Yup, Part #7 me too. please upload.:puzzled:
  9. rakiaga

    rakiaga Member

  10. OishiYuri

    OishiYuri Member

  11. wwilk

    wwilk Active Member

    This thing is a mess. I got it downloaded and playing but towards the end the picture just becomes a digital mess. Can the uploader please reupload this in non-corrupted files?
  12. loveGIANT

    loveGIANT レズ JAV's only! Staff Member

    Really? Have you tried out the new links he provided?
    Part 4 and i guess part 7 were broken or something, i re-downloaded them with the replaced links and it seems to be playing just fine for me
  13. wwilk

    wwilk Active Member

    Apparently part 8 is broken too. Did you use HF or RS? Let me know because I may have to re-download the whole thing.
  14. loveGIANT

    loveGIANT レズ JAV's only! Staff Member

    I used both, tbh xD But i downloaded the broken parts via HF ;)
  15. Law240

    Law240 Member

    Man Wish people would just use torrents instead I've been looking all over for this :study: