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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by streetballbn, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. streetballbn

    streetballbn choked to death

    hello there peoples! ^_^ , i'm new here , i can see nice things from this site so registered in . awesome torrents :eek: , and i think , i can see something falling ..something like snow ,lol :D .I know this site from......hmmm, i dunno i forgot .. my friends told me about torrents from this site and all. . people just download things and dont register .. h mmm, i think the admin should Make people need to register first before they can view or download anything from this site ;) . so , that's all i can say for now , so see ya around guys ^_^ . (ima gonna look around the site now , bye ^______~ )
  2. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    Welcome to the site.
    Yes, it's snowing here. I hate it. I'm the one that has to plow it! It's a pain, really.

    The way we're thinking, is that if people only come here to download torrents, it doesn't matter if they need to register or not, since they probably won't be posting anyway.
    And forcing registration just to get a bigger number of members, goes agains chomper's "style".
    But pretty much everything is subject to change here. We're in developement.
    After all, the site has only been up for just over a month.

    Enjoy your stay
  3. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    *Makes it so people have to register* >_>

    *Gets kicked from being an admin for doing that* ;_;

    Kinda means that it's gonna stay the way it is. =P

    Not that it's a huge problem, though. We'll get members anyway. ^^ And I'd much rather have a low member count with more active people, than a high member count with less active people.

    Less names to sort through when I want to go sig/ava pwning. :p

    Welcome though! Have a great time. ^^ And read the rulez0rz~!
  4. Slipster

    Slipster New Member

    agree with you PB, better to have a low and loyal member count than a open fanfare of leachers. :D

    Anyway, welcome street-b. :)