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Gemma (ジェマ)

Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by ball7, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    I think it is time that we got Gemma thread, in order to gather photos and info about her works in one place.

    gemma_twitter_20170916_001s. gemma_twitter_20170916_002s. gemma_twitter_20170916_003s. gemma_twitter_20170916_004s. gemma_twitter_20170916_005s. gemma_twitter_20170916_006s. gemma_twitter_20170916_007s. gemma_twitter_20170916_009s.

    0001. 0002. 0003. 0004. 0005. 0006. 0007. 0008. 0009. 0010. 0011. 0012. 0013. 0014. 0015.
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  2. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Just to ask...does she only do JAV movies? There is no other content of her outside the Japanese Adult Video market?
  3. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    She has only done gravure work and off course the occ. photo shoot. So no AV.
  4. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Right! Sorry yeah no AV. But still is she working anywhere else?? I just think it's odd that she's followed here on a site dedicated pretty much to Japanese JAV and the like. Even though the labels releasing her titles are Japanese...she isn't.
  5. ldjb

    ldjb ゴローさんの一番ファン

    Well, although she grew up here in England (and even became something of a minor celebrity in some ways), she now lives in Japan which is why she is working for Japanese companies.

    She may not do JAV, but she has done nude videos and was an exhibitor at the Taiwan Adult Expo. She also popped up on an escort site for a short while.
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  6. thoraxe6668

    thoraxe6668 Well-Known Member

    Next release: HOT GIRL ジェマ [OAE-138] (1/25/2018)
    Preview Video
  7. KaiEr

    KaiEr Well-Known Member

    I thought she was an Aussie.... At least I remember her speaking about it in one of her vids.
  8. thoraxe6668

    thoraxe6668 Well-Known Member

    She clearly says she's from England in her first vid: Intorduction
  9. fwildly

    fwildly Well-Known Member

    This was discussed in one of the threads on her releases.

    You heard of Becki Cruel? That British girl who went viral a while back for making dance vids to J-pop? They brought her over to Japan along with 2 other girls and formed this really cheesy idol group called the Cruel Angels.

    Gemma was one of the girls.

    Of course, being a group that was formed around a temporary fad, interest in it died of pretty quick and Gemma went back to England.

    But she's back now, all grown up with her hair dyed blond and with her kit off.

  10. Mastur Dave

    Mastur Dave New Member

    OMG, all grown up and read for Air Control. Can't wait.
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  11. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

  12. MelonBuns

    MelonBuns Active Member

    This girl is a real gem. Thicc in all the right places and has a cute innocent face.

    Seems like she is really into cosplay. Hope her future releases incorporate that into the scenes. I just really hope Gemma does not go the AV route.

    I wish more white girls went to Japan to become gravure idols.

  13. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    She is doing another video for Air Control in Feb.
    ALL Nude: https://www.i-dol.tv/works/detail/oae139/

    The All nude category has mainly been for AV Idols - so is Gemma going to do AV or is this just another nude video from her.
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  14. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  15. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  16. Sushigoround

    Sushigoround Active Member

    If she is with Air control - 100% she will do JAV

    I`m sure $$ offers were made to Becky Cruel - but they got her -- some chatter she will go to S1 or Ideapocket for big $$
  17. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    Another thing An Tsujimoto dvd for Air Control was filmed before her AV debut, but still came out the month after she debuted from Team Zero.
  18. fwildly

    fwildly Well-Known Member

    Sounds likely if only cos you can't go all the way to Japan just to do gravure.

    The pay for that isn't good. Most gravure idols have already said that they earn just enough to get by which is why a many of them do something else on the side, like Shoko Takahashi was an 'escort' and got outed for it.

    Those who don't have a side income likely have something else in mind. They might just be doing it for some extra pocket money or are using it as a step up to do something else.

    The thing is Gemma isn't local, doesn't seem to be fluent enough in Japanese to be a 'tarento' like Rola, and her gravure has gone too far for her to move into something more conventional too. Seems like the only direction now is JAV.
  19. thoraxe6668

    thoraxe6668 Well-Known Member

    Not everyone that does Air Control goes AV. Look at Mayumi Yamanaka. Though a good percentage of the ones that do nudity and Air Control do go on to do AV stuff.
  20. phreadom

    phreadom New Member

    I think a lot of people are under the impression that the OAE-138 video is the hottest one out so far, but having watched the two Kingdom releases, KIDM-747B and KIDM-759B, I can say that they're MUCH hotter. Full nudity, no censoring aside from darkening the screen, which we can lighten if we want. Full frontal nude, bent over from behind nude, closeups of that, etc... it gets darker the closer you get, you know the drill.

    The OAE-138 video is censored, so the good bits are totally blurred out. You can't see anything no matter what. I would guess that OAE-139 is going to be the same way?

    No blurring at all in the two KIDM videos.
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