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free automated Plex share 1080p JAV

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by chienb, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. chienb

    chienb Member

    Was wondering if anyone is interested in our Plex servers. Our JAV collection is rather new so we only have about ~250 titles so far. Our main focus were 4k/1080p/remux movies and tv automation; we just recently added JAV's. Our threads can be found over at /r/plexshares.

    The current JAV library searches for 1080p releases every 5 mins from our sources ie. purchases, torrents, ddl, etc. by studio query (sdde, arm, nhdta, etc.) Sample video quality:

    Video Resolution 1080p
    Duration 3:01:17
    Bitrate 4165 kbps
    Width 1920
    Height 1080
    Aspect Ratio 1.78
    Container MP4
    Video Frame Rate NTSC
    Audio Profile lc
    Video Profile main
    Duration 3:01:17
    File file
    Size 5.27 GB
    Audio Profile lc
    Container MP4
    Video Profile main
    Codec H264
    Bitrate 3961 kbps
    Language English
    Bit Depth 8
    Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
    Frame Rate 29.97 fps
    Height 1080
    Level 4.0
    Profile main
    Ref Frames 1
    Stream Identifier 1
    Width 1920
    Codec AAC
    Channels Stereo
    Bitrate 204 kbps
    Language English
    Profile lc
    Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
    Stream Identifier 2
    We have very limited free spots available, just wanted to give back to the community since I started with JAV's on here.
  2. javerotikaz

    javerotikaz Active Member

    I like this idea, I am also using Plex and would like to know if there are any JAV specific scrapers out there for plex media server?