First Trip Alone Series


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Sep 23, 2008
Any fans of the First Trip Alone series by IBW? As far as I know, there were just four releases in the series. IBW-655 starring Ai Shiina. IBW-704 starring Shiori Kuraki. IBW-715 starring Fumika Hatsuno. IBW-723 starring Ruru Arisu.

The premise is the same for all volumes. City girl visits aunt and uncle at their home in the country. Uncle has a brand new video camera to document niece's first trip and hijinks ensue. These are not gonzo vids so don't be expecting that. I love the rural mountainous areas of Japan so these vids fit that interest well.

Each video starts and ends at the same local train station, which is a tiny unmanned station in the mountains right down the hill from uncle's house, which is the same house in all vids. In fact I've been wondering if this is the same country house that is used for all of these type of vids.

I was also amazed that the name of the station is visible in the vids with just a little work. To get to uncle's house appears to be a short walk up the hill though they don't show exactly which house it is. I won't spoil it for those who want to figure it out for themselves. But you could get there from Shinjuku in a little over an hour.

These torrents are about two years old, but I was just able to complete all of them except IBW-655 which is stalled at 97%. But jump on quick if you're interested.

Pirate Joe

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Sep 8, 2021
Hi. I have 2 of these (IBW-723 and IBW-655 which I can share). Would love the other 2... where are the torrents?


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Feb 2, 2018

If you like this series, you will love this one. Not from First trip alone but damn near and with Rara Kudou!



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